Cg, Cp, and accuracy

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joeb33050 posted this 25 December 2018

It appears that at least in some cases, the Cp/Cg relationship does not hold true for accuracy and stability.

Backwards bullets, rifle and pistol, seem to remain stable and accurate over some distances, sometimes.

See this for rifle accuracy:

My revolver adventures included loading 429421 backwards, with neither good nor bad results. Anyone load revolver bullets backwards?


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RicinYakima posted this 25 December 2018

Yep, I have an 1880's S&W DA 44 Russian. The only bullet I have is the 429421, that is so long I can't get enough FF into the case to make consistent loads. So I turn it around and crimp it nose in the case and can get about 20 grains of black in that way. Don't know what it would target at, as I have only shot it at rocks and sage rats. I tried using Charlie Atkins trick of loading HB 38 wadcutters for self defense loads, but they leaded so bad the last shots from the cylinder were missing the old police target at 7 yards.

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tlkeizer posted this 25 December 2018


I remember my brother telling how at a black powder muzzle loader's shoot they had a team event where four guys to a team had to shoot a 2x4 in half at a line drawn on the 2x4.  My brother had just got into muzzle loaders, and this was his first rendezvous type shoot.  He and two others shot the 2x4, all hitting along the line, then the 4th guy put a mine ball in backwards in his .58, and proceeded to take the top half off the target.  It shot well for him.  My brother also said the rules were changed after that requiring either round ball or  elongated bullets used with front end of the bullet forward.

I have once or twice loaded pulled military bullets backwards just to do it, and found them to shoot as joeb33050 did, some okay, some almost okay, but after the novelty wore off the first day I never loaded any more.


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Ed Harris posted this 26 December 2018


I loaded factory lead 158 LRN .38 Special bullets backwards, flush seated into the case and taper crimped like a wadcutter, firing them in a 6" S&W with charges ranging from 1.0 to 3.5 grains of Bullseye.  They keyholed at 25 yards and would not hold a group on a B15 repair center.  

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delmarskid posted this 26 December 2018

I loaded the Lee 120 308" gas check bullet backwards over 4.2g of bullseye in my 32-20 Smith often. I used to get about 6" at 50 yards. Never noticed any tipping.

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Larry Gibson posted this 26 December 2018

I've shot a lot of bullets backwards.  with cast bullets in handguns, mostly revolvers, I found adequate accuracy for close range shooting (most often 50 ft on an indoor range) with mild loads.  I did find some that would begin losing accuracy give evidence of pitch, yaw and tipping at 25 yards and beyond. 

I've shot a lot of M193 (55 gr FMJBT) seated backwards over the powder charge from 45 ACPs.  These ran 1500 - 1600 fps out the M16A1 and were accurate enough for small game shooting out to 50 yards +/- but mostly were used at much shorter range. 

In 2017 someone posted (here or another forum) a site where 7.62 NATO bullets (147 gr FMJBT) were pulled and seated backwards over the original powder charge.  I ran a test on 3 different lots of US 7.62 NATO M80 Ball (LC87, LC74 and WRA69) that I had on hand.  The bullets (all 3 lots had soft steel jacketed bullets) were puled and reseated in the same case to the crimp groove and recrimped with a LFC die.  A 10 shot test with each lot was done with the pressure and velocity measured and 5 shot groups at 50 and 100 yards. 

No anomalies were found with the 3 different lots as issued.  Velocities were consistent and pressures ran 56,000 to 59,000 psi(M43).  Accuracy was 2 - 3 moa at both 50 and 100 yards.  However, with the bullets seated backwards the velocities of the LC74 and WRA69 increased 50 to 100 fps and the measured psi(M43) increased 3,000 to 5,000.  The LC87 jumped up to an average 68,200 psi(M43).   Accuracy was again 2 - 3 moa at 50 yards but at 100 yards several shots of each group showed severe tipping increasing the group sizes to 9 - 14 moa.  The bullets that did not tip were in 4 - 6 moa groups. 

I don't load 7.62 NATO bullets backwards over their original powder charge anymore.


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