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Millelacs posted this 10 October 2022

I read Ed Harris's article "Tales from the Back Creek Diary - Cast in an AR?  You Betcha" with interest.

It doesn't mention if the AR had a flash hider on it.

Has anyone any experience with an AR WITHOUT a flash hider vs WITH a flash hider?

I ask because I used to shoot with a guy who had a Browning rifle that had a BOSS on it.  He could really dial it in with j-bullets, but it wouldn't shoot worth a dam with cast until he took the BOSS off.  With the BOSS off, his accuracy greatly increased

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Fitzpatrick posted this 10 October 2022

I have both some brakes work on some and others like a different style of brake some just a flash hider. all you can do is try it with then without every gun is a law unto themselves, same as what loads work in one rifle doesn't mean it will work in others. 

sorry to be all over the place but this is just one of those questions with no answer.

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