Bullet squisher?

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2frogs posted this 02 February 2023

I have seen the term bullet squisher used a few times. It that the same as sizing a bullet or something else.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 02 February 2023

communication is " iffy " at best ... but >>

anything that moves the alloy is ... very strictly speaking ... a * squisher * ... but >>

as used here, it usually means a die with a cavity that is shaped like what you want the part of the bullet to look like after you run it into that cavity...  

it could be just part of the bullet or all of the bullet  ... if just the groove diameter it is more of a " squisher junior "  ... a Lee nose-first for instance... a respectful squisher moves the nose and maybe part or all of some of the groove diameter portion of the bullet.


interestingly, i believe our CBA rules for official matches say that you can completely reform a casting in a squisher ... if it was pretty much a cast bullet to start with ....  but you cannot cast a plain slug and reform it into a bullet ... for official match use.

also interesting is that so far, nobody really cares ...   not sure anybody is using lead bullets swaged in forming dies from lead wire in CBA matches .... i once scratch-swaged some 44 mag wadcutters that shot fine ... but so did my Lee castings ...  

...and JoeB has reminded us that it takes about 5000 shots to be    pretty sure    that something is a slightly better idea ...

hope this helps ... ken


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2frogs posted this 02 February 2023

Sounds like it is complicated,but I have the general idea now. Appreciate your reply..

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