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reggleston posted this 25 November 2017

Currently using the excellent 45-45-10 lube formulation on 30 & 35 cal. GC bullets. I presize using the excellent NOE system that sizes and crimps the GC in a one step operation and tumble lube using the 45-45-10 formulation at room temperature, spreading out on wax paper to dry over night. With the large choice of NOE dia sizing dies I haven't found it necessary to pre lube prior to GC and sizing step.

Shooting the 30 cal. in a custom built CZ 527 chambered in 7.62x39mm with a douglas 24" mid weight barrel. Groups pretty consistently near 1" if the guy behind the trigger is on the ball! Also shooting a 358 Win built on a rem 700 short action with groups just over 1.5" most days. The tumble lube method consist of placing 50-100 sized and GC'd bullets in a 1n qt milk jug with the sidewall cut out leaving the handle to perform the swirl coating operation with which usually takes a few short seconds. I use about 1/8 teaspoon of the 45-45-10 to coat 50 30 cal bullets and just a touch more for the 35's.

Don't own or plan to buy any lube sizers as this system has worked so great for me.  

R D Eggleston

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 26 November 2017

good news ...


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Ross Smith posted this 26 November 2017

That's exactly how I do it too. Ross

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GP Idaho posted this 26 November 2017

I've pretty much moved clear away from lubing bullets. The exception is when a bullet fits just right both in the nose and bands and I don't want to mess with nose sizing a bore rider.  For my type of shooting 1 to 2 MOA is close enough and I can get there just fine with PC and save the mess. Gp

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