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MKastning posted this 18 January 2019

Just a note to let everyone know, the postals will continue to have the Break Open class available for the postals. As of last year, we consolidated the classes into two for the break actions. Scope or iron sights. Eligible matches are wherever they make sense.

The match 16, lever, pump, auto, also includes the break actions in the main class. No segregation there.

Come out and shoot those hinged guns!


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RicinYakima posted this 18 January 2019

That would be great! Everyone talks about how good their Handi-rifles shoot, but let's see them shoot for record! I have a good one and will join in that class. Ric

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MKastning posted this 23 January 2019

That would be great Ric!  Looking forward to seeing your entry!

There is a little that I still need to clarify about the above.  I see as it reads, there would be a massive opening and possible thinning of the classes in some matches that would cause a lot of people to shoot only against themselves.

Last year, the Break opens shot in the postals were quite impressive, and for the most part could compete with any others in the Mid bore, offhand, and little bore matches as well as the Lever, Pump, auto, break and Deer hunter where they always have had a fit.

Clarification below that more fits the intent of where it fits into the season matches 6 and 6A.  100yds and Scoped for the separate class. 

BREAK ACTION CLASS:  Pistols or Rifles such as the T/C Contender, HR Handi, and the like are eligible to compete in postal matches. 

Match #6 Season Benchrest is Scope only 100yds, but break actions will be competing against other break actions only in a Break Action Class.  There are no other restrictions to this class concerning weight or barrel.

Match #6A Season Benchrest Break Action class is Scope only, 100yds.   Break actions may enter  to compete in Hunter pistol or Long Range Handgun as well, but will be competing against all others in the class.

In offhand matches as well as Mid Bore, Little Bore, and  Match #16 Lever Pump Auto, there is no separate classification other than the scoped or iron sights as usual.  


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