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drhall762 posted this 09 July 2011

I just finished reading The Paper Jacket by Paul Matthews. This man has spent some time with PP bullets and it shows. A treasure trove of information in a single reference. I highly recommend it. $15.00 at Amazon and IMHO worth every cent.


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CB posted this 09 July 2011

Do you use paper patch bullets? What was your take on exactly what size bullets to use? Patch to bore? patch to groove? or somewhere in between. I came away from the book with a lot of info but more confused about some things than I was before I read the book.


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drhall762 posted this 09 July 2011

As I am just starting this exploration, I can only tell you my plan. I am going to size the initial bullet to bore size plus .0005. Then I will patch to groove size. I will let you know how it goes. I am going to load SP first and then try BP.

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cooper posted this 27 August 2013

Beekeeper, I have that book too and felt the same way you do after I got done reading it.  But here's what I think Paul was trying to say:

Black powder will “bump-up” a bullet to fill the grooves.  With black, you need to have a bullet that, when patched, is bore size.  For example, my 40/90 BN is .400” bore and .408” groove.  I ordered a mould to cast a bare bullet .392".  When patched it ends up right at about .400” (bore size).  It works fine with black powder.

Smokeless is different.  It won't bump up a bullet, so the finished bullet needs to be groove diameter.  For smokeless I would get a .400” bare bullet, and wrap it so it ends up at .408".  The bullet I mentioned above does not work when I try it with smokeless.  The shots are wild.

I suppose you could use the .400” bare bullet wrapped to .408” with black powder, but I suspect the BP fouling would interfere with chambering, especially after a few shots.  If you wiped the bore clean after each shot......maybe it would work and in fact maybe it would be even better than the .392” bullet mentioned in my first paragraph.  But I didn't want to go that route for a hunting load.




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PETE posted this 27 August 2013


I can see where yours and others confusion comes from. My own experience has been to use PP bullets of groove diam. I've won more than my share doing it this way. But I haven't shot anything over 200 yds. BUT.. A friend patches his bullets to bore diam. and does very well at the 1000 yd. shoots usually placing in the top three.

In both case we wipe between shots so fouling is kept to a minimum.

The best idea is to try both and see which way your gun works the best.


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RDUPRAZ posted this 27 August 2013

I have shot NRA BPCR three position midrange,1000 yrd gong and some sillhouett matches with a 45x2.4 Shiloh Sharps. With both grease groove and PP bullets. And all with real black powder. My PP bullets were patched to bore so that there was just a light interference fit in the bore. And the cases were neck sized just enough so that the patched bullet could be thumb seated and held.

It is my experience that with real black powder, not the fake stuff, a bullet when patched to bore will consistantly shoot as well or better than grease groove. That is if the fouling is managed properly for the conditions at the time.


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32ideal posted this 28 August 2013

I have The Paper Jacket by Paul, it got me interested in paper patching bullets, using his info I have patched 38-55 300gr bullets to bore size with black powder with good success, will be moving to 40 caliber PP bullets for Mid-range BP target shooting next year.

In searching for more information on the subject I ran across this book By Randy Wright Loading and Shooting Paper Patched Bullets ”€œ A Beginner's Guide, it has very detailed information (it is mostly for BP shooting) and great reading with lots of useful tips.> 

I have gained a wealth of information between the two books on Paper Patching bullets.



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onondaga posted this 28 August 2013>drhall762 Thanks for recommending the title/author/source. I ordered the book and hope it will re-energize me again  on PP loads. My grandson always wants more velocity with cast also and I will loan him the book too.


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John Grantham posted this 29 August 2013

This is spot on.

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delmarskid1 posted this 29 August 2013

Very helpful. Thank you.

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Dirtybore posted this 23 January 2014

I have both books and hightly recommend both.

The Paper Jacket, by Paul Matthews. Loading and Shooting Paper Patched Bullets A Beginners Guide, by Randolph Wright.

Both are excellent reading and chocked full of information. They are both a “must read” for anyone who is going to shoot paper patch bullets. They will keep you from making silly mistakes and re-inventing the wheel.

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