7.5 x 53.5 Swiss reloading

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Wheel Weights posted this 17 January 2021

The early rifles like my 1889 used the 7.5x53 cartridge with a paper patched bullet.

Running mine with the NOE bullet designed for the K31 I experience misfires as with light cast loads, the cases actually shrink a bit.

The original bullet was 211 gr and paper patched to .321 while the bore was .308.

So I have a huge long throat to deal with and cases that won't consistently headspace on the shoulder.

Suggestions welcome but I want to avoid paper patching.

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delmarskid posted this 17 January 2021

I wonder if you could do anything with a soft 8mm bullet. A loverin type seated out far enough to fake a headspace?

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Wheel Weights posted this 17 January 2021

That's a lot of "squishing" down. Shame NEI is gone as I have a 188gr 30 cal of theirs that has a .313 driving

band  at the front. Right above the "A". Same bullet with a .322 band would solve all problems.

Maybe I'll try a triple PC on this one to fatten it up.

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