drip gas oil smelter

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onlylead posted this 05 August 2010

Anybody know how to build one are where to get plans. Have bout 1500lbs to melt . I thank it would be quite and cheap .thanks

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John Boy posted this 08 August 2010


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72coupe posted this 09 August 2010

Johnboy drip gas is more like Coleman stove fuel that propane. And that may be the answer to the OPs question.

Drip gas is the lightest part of crude oil that comes out of a separator.

(Separator: a vertical tank that has a small amount of heat applied to the bottom to remove salt water from crude oil.)

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TexasWindrunner posted this 16 April 2011

I am about ready to melt some of my own lead and may be willing to help you with your melt. I can do about 750 pounds per pot and it wouldnt take all that long to get it done. So if you still looking to do this, get in touch with me and I'm sure we can work something out. This is not my business, so if you are willing to help and pay for expenses, Im sure we can come to an arrangement, you could even pay with some lead if you wanted to..whatever. I have several factory made ingot moulds in, 1, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 pound ingot molds.

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onlylead posted this 17 April 2011

Have it all done thanks

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afish4570 posted this 20 August 2011

Just bought the 13.99 )Harbour Freight torch for ,a “hot weed wacker".....Alas just used it before dark....Works great on the fence line for weeds (kept the hose handy)   I will be using it on my next batch of melting range lead (some dirt toooooo) My plumbers furnace with a used steel pot I made from an old 20# propane  bottle and aittle  help from this torch to heat side of pot should really speed things up. Won't be getting  another batch until Oct. or so.Will keep you posted. Maybe  someone can rig  up a duel torch setup running off two 20# propane bottles.  This should throw out some serious BTU's (noisy watch the neighbors). afish4570B)B)

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Reg Lingle posted this 23 August 2011

Drip gas is the condensate in a natural gas pipe line that is collected at intervals along the pipe line in large storage containers. This gas is generally sold to a processor who colors it and add their propriety blend of additives and then sell it at one of the discount gasoline stations. Works fine, as is, in lower compression internal combustion engines. In Paradice Valley near the Pinedale, WY airport there is a collection container, of the approximate size of 1000 gallons located about every 5 miles, I guess. They might have a higher density of tanks now that there are so many producing wells. It works well in Coleman stoves, but is a carbony fuel. Reg

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madsenshooter posted this 23 August 2011

Y'all have to be old to even know about it! Listen who's talking, I used to work on a cable tool rig, that's why I know about drip gas.

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smokiejoe posted this 22 October 2011

I learned about drip when I worked and lived in a oil field town, Borger Texas, used 1/2 gas and 1/2 drip. Joe

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Ranch Dog posted this 22 October 2011

Have you old guys ever cast bullets with one of these? The original home casting pot!

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Trap4570 posted this 23 October 2011

I have an old Ideal pot and ring adapter that allowed one to melt lead on the old wood burning stoves. Remove one of the burner plates - place the ring in the hole and then set the pot on it. Melted 10 lbs. at a time. I have the dipper that goes with it - I just keep them around and never use them.

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