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tturner53 posted this 01 January 2010

Today was a good day. The CBA 2010 POSTAL MATCH GUIDE arrived in the mail. This is a magical time for me, re-reading all the match information, thinking about which matches to enter, what to shoot, what loads/bullets to try. It's almost like making a Christmas wish list. Considering the post on the New Light Production Class has had over 2800 views and 78 replies in a fairly short time period, it occured to me this topic could use more air time. For the benefit of those of you who have not received a copy of The Guide, I thought I'd just pass along a bit of information here and there to maybe pique your interest. The match I think of most interest to a newbie would be the Spring Ice Breaker match, with targets due May 1. It is open only to first timers, shot at 100 yds. benchrest, scope only. The course of fire is two shots on each record bull for a total of ten shots in twenty minutes on each target. Three targets are shot, you send in the best two. It's the only match where you can eliminate a bad target. Rifle classes are; Hunting, Production, Heavy, and Unrestricted. Pistol matches are also available for this match. See the CBA main page for details

  I have been shooting postal matches for a couple years now, it's really fun and a motivator to develop accurate combinations and a good way to get your guns out and play with them. You do have to be a member of the CBA to shoot in the postals. If you're interested or would like to learn more check out the attached poll.  If you've already shot a postal, maybe you could share your experience here, maybe include a few details about your rig and ammo. Respectfully, Tim Turner

EDIT; A little clarification may be in order, based on responses received, the purpose of the poll is to determine interest in my continuing periodically to post postal match information. I think I may have confused one or two of you. What I was thinking was to announce match opportunities in advance with a little info to go with it. As I said, for all the details go to the CBA main page and you can see the 2010 Postal Match Guide. This will also be a good place in general to just BS about the postals, experiences, equipment, loads, etc.

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billwnr posted this 01 January 2010

This may be a good thing as it might generate a little more interest in competitive shooting.

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tturner53 posted this 01 January 2010

Here's a little postal trivia you might find interesting. There used to be a match called 'High Velocity', which was discontinued apparently due to lack of interest. I wonder if now there's more speed demons out there.  In 1995 a gentleman named Ray Schueler of WA. won with his Rem 700CL in 250 Savage. He used a Cramer 55A over RL7 for 2527 fps. A 2.281” group won him first place. In 1996 Joe Wiekrykas of MI won with a 1.609” group, using his Rem700PSS in 308Win. Bullet was a Eagan MX330RJ over SRB118 for 2450 fps.

  As a more or less novice myself, I can only mostly pass along information I didn't generate, but I can tell you from firsthand experience that the match directors of the matches I've shot were more than willing to answer questions or give help. If one of you veterans want to jump in I'd like to hear a story about one that went all bad. Usually we only talk about our successes.  sincerely tt

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Tazman1602 posted this 01 January 2010

You know, I hate to sound ignorant but I am. What exactly IS a “postal match"? I have downloaded the rules and read them so do you have to get to a match that's being held by CBA at a range or do you shoot at targets and mail them in by “postal"? OK, now stop laughing and answer me, I'm very new to CBA and there are no matches in my area. One of the reasons I joined was I had read in the new Lyman manual I got that CBA was based in Traverse City, MI which is fairly close to where I live but now it's in Wa. state....



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RicinYakima posted this 01 January 2010

Postal matches:

1. You mail in your fee.

  1. You receive targets in the mail. Note you will get sighters and registered match targets. Watch which ones you shoot.

  2. At you home range, shoot the match at required distance and time. We are gentlemen here, and it is on the honor system.

  3. Mail targets back to the scorer.

  4. You get results back in the mail.

It is a great way to start match shooting!


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tturner53 posted this 04 January 2010

Taz, sorry, I should have thought of that, I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat. Ric has explained the process very clearly, so I won't repeat the answer. The Postal Matches are open to any CBA member(see the CBA main page to join, it's easy). There are twenty matches over the year, some are one time deals and others are 'season' with targets due once a month over several months. You can enter these for the season and shoot them all or just enter one leg, whatever you like. Match #1 is the “Winter Benchrest",shot targets need to be in the mail by March 1. It's scope only for group or score(different targets) or you could enter twice and shoot both. Rifle classes are Hunting, Production, Heavy, and Unrestricted. There is also a Pistol option which has two classes, Hunter or Long Range, and those are divided further by iron sights or scopes.

   Also for March 1 deadline for returning shot targets is match #2 the “Winter Offhand"; scope or iron, 100 yds., 10 shots in 30 minutes. Any rifle may be used, and again there's a pistol class. In all the pistol matches there are some shot at 50 yds. and some at 100 yds., depending on the class.

The guys running these matches try hard to get your targets out to you fast, but don't be like me and always wait to the last minute to enter a match. I'd allow two weeks for turnaround from entry mailed out to get targets back. That's just an estimate.

I actually am lucky enough to have original copies of the very first CBA newsletters and have read about the beginnings of the first postal matches. It was one of those really good ideas that a lot of guys worked hard to make happen. I'll share a nostalgic gem with you down the road. Be bold, sign up, you'll have fun. I do. You can be competitive in both the above matches with your hunting rifle.

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Ed Harris posted this 04 January 2010

The trend for shooting cast bullets in vintage military rifles was jump started to a very large extent by introducing CBA postal matches for them. The Deer Hunter's Practical match came from an idea which Frank Marshall discussed with Sid Musselman over breakfast before a match while we were planning for an upcoming sighting in days before deer season opened.

Go to> and read the brainstorming ideas on the Bunny Gun match. I plan to print out some more targets and try them again if more people will post their targets so that I won't be the only one to embarass myself.  Now that I have a new lens implant I shouldn't have any more excuses for not doing it.

Revised match program concept is attached.

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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tturner53 posted this 03 February 2010

I hope this match is approved, I know it will be a lot of fun. I've shot the Deer Hunter Practical a few times and it is a blast. It's also educational, at least for me. Shooting a lifesize deer target at 100 yds. offhand is a good reality check. I hunted with a bow for years here in California, it was a good way to get a tag in a premium zone. My 'maximum effective range' was whatever distance I could hit 9 out of 10 on a regular paper plate, under any conditions. That wasn't as far as I would have liked, but that was as far as I'd shoot at a living animal. The D.H. Practical Match showed me I could not keep all my shots in the plate size area offhand 9 out of 10 times. Maybe close, but no cigar. Knowing this I would limit my offhand shooting to more like 75 yds. on a deer, not that far but it is what it is. Fortunately for me in the field you don't have to shoot offhand everytime. Two times I've made clean misses offhand on what were some of the only trophy class bucks I've managed to find. Once, in the Trinity Alps of NorCal I stumbled onto a true gray ghost, he stood there looking at me from about 50 yds. while I looked for a safe place to put my cigarette! (It was very dry). I finally shot with the damn thing hanging off my lip and the smoke got in my eyes. Now that's a stupid way to do things. (I quit smoking a while back). Anyway, these offhand matches are fun but also very valuable training and learning opportunities. Ed's match will be too.

 You new guys still have time, if you step on it, to enter and shoot the 'Spring Ice Breaker', Match #4. I think it was my first postal match. Coming up is #3, the 'Winter Military Benchrest". Military issue only, issue iron sights, 100 yds., for group. I know there's a lot of interest in the ol' milsurps, bust 'em out and have some good clean fun. Targets must be mailed back in by April 1.

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jon skorepa posted this 23 March 2010

im a newbe to postal matches.i own older type rifles #7 stevens premier #44 stevens stevens premier came from the factory more than 125 yrs ago with a target swiss but plate i would sure like to try the old lady the way she was dressed when she was borne.are the barrel diameters and total weigh set in stone ? i have a #44 stevens in 25-20 ss that lots of farmer types and city folk carried about hunting and sporting is it ok for these postal matches? tks jon

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tturner53 posted this 23 March 2010

Hi Jon, I'm bumping this up so maybe someone who knows will see it. Good question. I do know if not this match you can shoot it in other matches.

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jon skorepa posted this 24 March 2010

i am referencing the bunny rabbit match put forward by our beloved creator of in home brew we trust.  tks for your assistance in this matter.   jon

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tturner53 posted this 25 March 2010

Well Joe the Bunny Gun Match is still in the works as far as I know, so there's still time to sort it out, see if your Stevens will qualify. There is a thread on the subject which includes an informal match, might search that one. It's Ed's earlier version, more of a fun thing than serious competition, but you can post pictures of your targets. Lots of good reading there. I have been active in local matches and have not shot a postal match yet this year. Last year I think I did six, won some money too! Some of my favorites are later in the year, like 'Single Shot', 'Big Bore Benchrest', 'Lever/Pump/Auto', and 'Deer Hunter Practical". There's many others, something for everyone and a lot of military stuff. The '200-Yard Military Benchrest' is a fun one.

    Coming up is Match #5, 'Spring Warm-Up Benchrest' for group and score both. Like most of the matches, it includes the new class for 'Hunting' rifles, as well as Production, Heavy, and Unrestricted. Targets aren't due 'til May 1, so there's still time to order targets if you get right on it. I think I'll start the year off with this one in 'Hunting' class. Maybe some of you guys would like to see how you can do? It's a lot of fun for very little money, you do have to be a CBA member to shoot a postal match. When you join you get a great magazine about cast bullets.

  Here's a little more PM trivia, this time from just a couple years ago. In the 2008 Match #2, Winter Offhand, Mr. Jeff Heeler of Wisconsin took the gold with a 92! He used a Ruger #1 in .308 Winchester and Leupold 3x9 scope. He shot a Saeco #62311 over W231. In the iron sight class Mr. Fred Stansbury of  Arizona shot an 85-1X to win with a Danish M1 Garand in 30-06. He used a good old Lyman 311284 over MP5744. Mr. Stanley Livingston squeaked by Mr. Larry Rickertson with a 59-1x in the Pistol/iron sights class. Stanley shot a S&W 27-2 using .38 Special and the Lyman 358091 and Unique. I think it's interesting to see how well these 'ordinary' guns performed in the hands of good shooters. Before Jeff makes me sign a book contract, let me just say it's a lot of fun shooting in Postal Matches. This would be a good place to ask questions if you have them, someone who knows more than me will help you I'm sure. Any of you PM veterans have a story or some advice? I'd like to hear it. Got a gun you're thinking of using? I'd like to hear your plans. I confess to 30 yrs. of being an accumulator, so these matches give me a chance to play with guns I'd let sit idle otherwise.

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jon skorepa posted this 28 March 2010

perhaps a bunny rifle match for pre ww1 rifles with an commonly used iron sights or scopes with external adjustable mounts 6x or weight or length specifications. then at the end of the season some kind of postal shoot off to find the king of the rabbit warren. one more thing similar cals and fixed ammo like edd suggested.

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Vassal posted this 28 March 2010

To wake in some dawn and see,

As though down a rifle barrel, lined up

like sights, the self that was, the self that is, and there,

far off, but in range, completing that alignment, your fate.

Hold your breath, let the trigger-squeeze be slow and steady.

{Robert Penn Warren}                               

                                                     OH ,he said, “King of the Rabbit Warren” .>

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jon skorepa posted this 29 March 2010

i really dont see where you are coming from. i mistakenly thought that the idea was to include the largest number of people as possible to the party how ever i may have been wrong sorry. jon i will not bother you again!

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tturner53 posted this 24 June 2010

Where was I? Oh yeah, postal matches! I've been shooting a lot more local matches this year so have slacked off a bit on my postal shooting. My first postal match for this year is #11, Military Offhand. Targets are due in the mail by July15. Next up is #6a, Season Pistol Benchrest, of which I'm only shooting the August 1 leg. I'm going to take one more stab with my Ruger SBH with a scope on it. That's shot at 50 yds., should be easy, right? I got a lot of help here last year with my “SBH Blues” post. I'll use the same bullet, the Lee 310 gr. GC. but a different powder. Then I have my targets for #7, Season Military Benchrest, also just shooting the last leg of this series. Still making up my mind what to shoot, but since I entered twice I can shoot two rifles, one issue and one scoped. Both those matches are due in the mail by August 1, so if you're interested you still have time to enter and get targets. I also already got my target for #20, Antique Military Benchrest. The only gun I have that qualifies is a Remington Rolling Block 7mm. Got a lot of help with that one here too, from Tom at Vintage Arms(Guns?).  I'm planning to enter the Lever, Deer Hunter Practical, Single Shot, and a couple more. I hope some of you guys will jump in, the more the merrier. And that goes for our international element too, I won't name any names. If you're a hunter, you gotta try  #17, Deer Hunter Practical. The target is a life size picture(Eastern standard!) of a running deer. You shoot offhand at 100 yds. Maximum scope power is 6X, so just about any gun you'd hunt deer with is going to be competitive. There's also a iron sights class. Targets are due in by December 1, so lots of time to prepare.

EDIT:One more thing, when I started this thread I was hoping to get some dialogue going about the postals and what you guys are shooting. I'm nosy that way. If you've shot a match, how'd it go? What would you do different next time? If you are going to shoot one or are thinking about it, what are you going to use? Maybe you have a gun and don't know which match would be right? If you have an idea or question fire away. I'm not the authority on the subject, just a fan, but there's guys here who know it inside out. I know I'd like to see more oddball stuff being shot, got an oddball? I'm trying to get an Arisaka going myself.

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tturner53 posted this 10 July 2010

Snuck off to the range yesterday to shoot #11, the military offhand. My original plan was to use my '91 Argentine 7.65x53 but gave up in frustration on that for now. I need a few new tools in the tool box to make that work. Was trying as cast 316299 and no sizing, then neck sizing, all failures. It'll get there. As a last minute decision I dug out all my leftover 30-06 ammo and found a couple batches of 25 each that would chamber in my M1 Garand. A few quick shots from a bench showed the Saeco 315 to have the best hope. They were sized in a .312 Lyman die and loaded over 16 gr of AA5744. The 315 is a Loverin type and tapered with a .304 nose. Offhand is my biggest challenge, but I hoped to redeem myself after a meltdown at the NT in Puyallup last month. Finished last in the optional offhand match there. I started the 10 shot string with my prescription sunglasses on but switched to a clear pair after five wild shots including 2 zeros. The next 5 were in the black at least, with 1 ten. Probably no prize money coming my way on that one, but it was fun and I learned something about my Garand and the Saeco 315. It seems that bullet wants to shoot in about anything I try it in. The 5744 load does not cycle the action of my M1. Now I need to get ready for #6A, so many matches and so little time.

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tturner53 posted this 29 October 2010

I've been swamped with cards and letters from people asking me to revive this popular series. Who knew? My postal match efforts this year have been unsuccessful. Two matches I didn't even send in my targets! And I used to brag “I'm not the DNF kind of guy". Well I DNF'd twice. Yes, it was that bad, pointless would describe it. Then there was the Levergun match, which I 'had in the bag'. A beautiful new LBT mold for my 1894c Marlin .357, great accuracy from the get-go. Just choked I guess. But I sent in that one, out of stubbornness. But that's the past and now I'm preparing farther in advance for my last 2 matches, #17 and #20. My 1897 Remington Rolling Block 7mm is amazing me. So far only 50 yd. tests, but 1” 8 shot groups are doable when I get it right. A master shooter I met taught me a new trick, to me. Fire the dang shot as soon as it looks good! Don't wait for the front sight to blur out and think it will come back. It's helping me a lot, those old RB sights are something else. I'm also starting load work on a SMLE #5 .303 that was cut back to 16 1/4” with Williams sights installed. It also is amazing me with 8 shots in 1” at 50 yds. today. 8 just happened to be what I had for even groups after sighters, I meant to shoot 10 shot groups. Now I know this is just 50 yds. and it's not a match yet, but it's looking good so far. I'll be shooting the little #5 in the Hunter Match, #17, shot offhand at a deer target. Funny it loved RedDot but shot the same bullet sideways with Unique. How about you guys? All your postal dreams coming true? In my own defense, while bombing the postals I have been winning truckloads of cash and bootie on the local silhouette scene.B)

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JeffinNZ posted this 29 October 2010

I too am practicing for #17 and as God is my witness I swear the recent earthquakes in Christchurch have somehow distabilised our target frames cos that deer target will not stand STILL for me.

Cheers from New Zealand

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nimrod posted this 29 October 2010

Maybe you are still getting “tremors” just got use to them and don't realize it?

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tturner53 posted this 29 October 2010

According to a recent study by the Sothern California Institute for the Very Very Nervous, offhand shooting is the #2 leading cause of drinking too much, only surpassed by women trouble. Their statement of “ fact not all men are created equal...” reveals the bitter truth which drives us lesser types to the bottle. That said, this year will be different as I have found a loophole in the rules. Whilst firing this match my 6'5” son and 6'6” nephew are going to hold me while I hold the gun. California is a 'codified' state, if it's not specifically forbidden then it's legal here. I have high hopes and hope to have my 30 day chip next week. Keep coming back, it works!

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nimrod posted this 29 October 2010

Well I'll be danged years back when I spent a great deal of time shooting offhand I also spent about equal time in a beer bottle didn't realize there was a direct relationship connecting the two. Then throw in a couple of crazy girl friends it's a miracle I'm still alive.

Anyway hope this thread keeps going as I'm planning on shooting some postal matches this year. Want to try the light production and got me a new Mosin new to me anyway model 38 Finn and she's a shooter maybe get into some of the military stuff. The subject came up else where but I think a plain base military bunny match shot at 50 yards offhand would be fun.

Richard Missourians for Mosins

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tturner53 posted this 01 January 2011

Happy New Year from sunny California! I have good news, for me anyway. I squeaked out 2nd place in my class in match #17!  That's the one you shoot offhand at 100 yds. at a large picture of a deer. Hunting rifles are the thing, and handguns too. This year I made a deal with Jeff in NZ that if he'd shoot the match I'd shoot a .303 too. Broke out the modified No. 5 carbine with a 17” barrel and Williams open sights. I shot a NOE 316299. Gutshot the poor thing twice but got enough heart shots to pull it out of the bag. This match is my anual reminder to not attempt offhand shots at live game past 50 yds.  Jeff also shot a .303 for 2nd in his class, with a very high score. Over there they shoot at 100m which is about 110 yds. here. I had to explain to him you don't get any extra points for doing it the hard way! Interesting to note he was aced out by another SMLE, only a Gibbs 45-70 conversion shot by Kansas Carl. It was a big year for the sporterised old English warhorses in #17. Congratulations to all the shooters in Postal Match #17, the scores were all high and close. The pistol shooters racked up some amazing scores too, those boys can shoot and pick some very interesting cartridges and hardware to get the job done. I did notice Tom A. just doesn't know when to quit. Better luck next year Tom! If you want to have some good clean fun get your deer the easy way next year, shoot a picture! Thanks a bunch to the guys in the CBA that make these postal matches happen and to Dan Hudson for running #17 for us. It was fun.

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JeffinNZ posted this 01 January 2011

Not only did I shoot at 100m but I was upside down aswell!

I had a hoot and will be entering more postal matches that suit my 'toy cupboard'. Thanks Tim for encouraging me.

Cheers from New Zealand

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CB posted this 01 January 2011

FYI I will be working on the new postal guide today and hope to have it up before days end.

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tturner53 posted this 05 August 2011

JeffinNZ wrote: Not only did I shoot at 100m but I was upside down aswell!

I had a hoot and will be entering more postal matches that suit my 'toy cupboard'. Thanks Tim for encouraging me. Now, where was I? Wow, a year has zipped by and #17 is coming up again. There's still a lot of fun matches to shoot if you want to try a Postal Match. It really is easy and fun. Something for everybody, handguns too. Jeff in NZ has survived the quakes and says he may shoot this match with his famous .303 Pygmy this year. I'm hoping for another picture of him in his purple tights with his Pygmy. Interesting mental picture, if your imagination is as overactive as mine. Hey, shooting is for fun, right?! This year I will again salute our funny talking brothers from all over by shooting #17 with a .303 British, this year an issue 1915 Lithgow. Last year I used a bubba'd #5 Jungle Carbine and didn't do too bad. I have several targets coming for more postal match fun, another one of my favorites is #20-Antique Military BR. Check it out if you have an OLD WARHORSE you'd like to play with. Targets must be in by Nov. 15, so plenty of time. I love the postal matches, it gives me a chance to put the rubber to the road and stop theorizing for a while. Jump in, it's easy, fun, and you get to join the CBA, if you're not already in. Then you get the Fouling Shot magazine too.   (EDIT; I should have mentioned #16-Lever, Pump, Auto. Just the ticket for all you levergun nuts I see on here. Plenty of time, targets due in by Oct. 15.)

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pat i. posted this 05 August 2011


With your enthusiasm, great attitude, and promotional skills you should really think about looking into a job (don't know if calling something you don't get paid for a job) on the CBA board if something becomes available, which there always seems to be.

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tturner53 posted this 25 October 2011

Job? I don haf to git no stinking job. It does look like we have a new add space salesman. Good on ya. Postal matches, oh yeah.  #17, the BIG ONE in my book, is coming up. Targets are due postmarked by Dec. 1, so there's still time to order target. This is my anual 'deer hunt', a substitute for going out there. I've become much less blood thirsty than I was and have let the California deer have a break. So much work and mess. All those damn meat bees! Anyway, it's a mental game for me. Will I get my deer this year? #17 will decide. The target is a picture of a full size running deer, shot offhand at 100 yds. Cast only, of course. We have an international element to the match, foreign cb shooters like this one too. So, if you only shoot one postal, this is it, the way I see it. As long as I can still make a clean shot in this match I know I can bring home meat. (That's what she said!).  Gotta get going on #20 too, Antique Military BR, 100 yds. Must be pre=1898 gun. My anual romp with an old Remington Rolling Block 7x57. It's a shooter.   (I haven't given up big game hunting, just Cal. deer. I still walk my gun around in good bear country and would like to get a fat cow elk one of these days. I've shot at a couple in Colorado, missed. Hawken .54. Maybe 75 yds. The uphill/downhill thing has been my curse for 25 yrs., always shoot over them on a steep hill.)

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tturner53 posted this 21 September 2012

I've set a new personal record, entered 8 (9?) postal matches for this year. I'm going to take all my prize money and take a trip to Cozumel. I can't make up my mind what gun to use for #17. My offhand is improving, with the help of some friends shooting CMP with a 03a3 w/cbs. Been a busy beaver rescuing every beat up old milsurp I see. Latest find is a '91 Argie 7.65x53 in pretty good shape. It's a 1892 so qualifies for the Antique Military Rifle match, #20. If it shoots I'm retiring my RB 7mm which I used in this match for several years. Right now I gotta go to the range and do final sight check for #19, 200 yd. Military Rifle Benchrest. My new to me 03a3 is a real tack driver, outshoots me easily.

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.22-10-45 posted this 12 December 2012

I like Jon's idea of a pre-WW1 rifle match..good reason to dust off those old British Rook & Rabbit rifles! On another note..What about those custom rifles out there? I have a pre-WW1 Scherping 7X57 I am shooting cast in, as well as a Sharps-Borchardt actioned .22 Hornet..But with either..I am forced to shoot in unlimited class due to non-production status?

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linoww posted this 20 December 2012

22-10-45 your 22 Hornet is shooting well enough to win those UNR postal matches from what i see posted elsewhere.Take the plunge and show them what an accurate 22 with cast can do.John Alexander has bee doing it for years.


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tturner53 posted this 02 June 2013

Still trying to find a match load for the 'Little Bore' match. It's getting very frustrating. Tried a lot of combos, every mold I have, some store bought cbs, even some gift bullets from a friend. Now I'm down to the last mold, an ancient Ideal 225438 with no vent lines at all. Can't get a good cast to save my life. Tried everything. Pulling my hair out over here. Using .22 Hornet, K Hornet, .223 Rem. and .243 Win. Nothing goes under 2 MOA even though some will shoot factory ammo around 1/2". My expectations for this match are getting low.

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tturner53 posted this 19 September 2013

After another discouraging round with the 'little bores' I have been forced to use the old method of buying more guns and molds.  That's the ticket! I have a Remington 700 SPS Varmint on lay-away. It's a .223 Rem., 26” barrel with a 12” twist. It has the old style trigger, not the new model they've brought out.  Hopefully I can clean up the factory trigger a bit, I want to keep it original if possible. Latest mold purchase is an RCBS 22 55 gr. SP. Between now and next summer maybe I can come up with a load that will get me in the money. By the way, that RCBS mold is a joy to use. Just cleaned it and went to town. Perfect bullets, easy schmeezy.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 19 September 2013

TT : 2 moa !!!!!!!!!!! for more than 3 shots occasionally !!

i call that near to over-achieving ...

ok, it's time to start a quick-turnover smallbore forum-postal right here ... we can't allow john alexander be the only cba blaster to shoot mini-bullets under a quarter-foot ...

besides, i have my hornet project almost ready to go ..

whatcha think ?


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tturner53 posted this 19 September 2013

Sounds good to me. I'm hoping this new Remington will make all my other small bores surpoofoolus. Then I can sell them. Well, maybe not the K Hornet H&R.  It breaks down small enough to pack on a motorcycle. I looked at a Tika .223. About double the $ of a Remington.

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delmarskid1 posted this 20 September 2013

I wanna!

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John Alexander posted this 20 September 2013

turner 53 sez “I looked at a Tika .223. About double the $ of a Remington."

I think you are going to the wrong gun store or they have a heck of a bargain on Remingtons. My Tikka T3 lite cost quite a bit less than Rem 700, or Ruger 77 when I bought it three years ago.

I'll admit I haven't looked recently.


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tturner53 posted this 22 September 2013

I should have mentioned the Tika I saw was some kind of Olympic freestyle gun or something exotic like that. I'm locked in on the Remington now. The 700 SPS comes in two flavors in .223, a Varmint and a Tactical. The Tactical has a 9” twist and a 20” barrel. I got the Varmint. Hope springs eternal. Besides CBA postals I wanted a tack driver squirrel gun. 40 gr. jacketed bullets work good for that. Out here we drive all day to shoot ground squirrels.

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tturner53 posted this 19 July 2014

Work with the Remington SPS Varmint has been delayed due to having too many guns, so I will shoot the Savage M40 .22 Hornet this time in Little Bore. I wanted to give our Postal Match guru Mike Kastning a pat on the back and well done! My targets arrived in record time. Thanks Mike for giving your time helping us old farts have a good time.

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MKastning posted this 14 December 2016

Just bumping this old thread, and THANKS Tim for the original primer on Postal Matches.  I apologize I didn't know this was out here on the old forum. 

The primer still works, and I hope your enthusiasm is still as strong!

The 2017 postal season will be here before we know it, I already have a few target order letters on my desk.  I will fill them just as soon as I can close the books on the 2016 season at the first of the year.   For anyone curious where their awards are for some recent matches, they are right here on my desk.  I had ran out of check blanks.  Now that a fresh batch are in, I will have them in the mail this week!



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