LYMAN 457122 in 45-70

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Lillard posted this 28 January 2009

I cast some 457122 bullets with my buddys mold to use in my 1895 cowboy. I used WW and 2% tin my load is 36 gr. of IMR 4198 I have only shot 8 rounds in the back yard no range test at this time the 8 that I shot was free hand I think its going to be a good load. I want to use them for whitetail deer and hogs,what can ya'll tell me about using this bullet on game the articles I have read say they do a good job. I shot a hog 2 weeks ago with a RCBS 405 fp it did a great job I just want to try something diffrent .


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AMMOe posted this 29 January 2009

I used that bullet on Mule Deer out of my Siamese Mauser, 45-70 several years back. I had a snorty load of RL-7 on board. A mule doe ran up a draw about 70 yards away and I let fly, catching her on the spine, just between the shoulders. It was like the Hand of the Almighty. She was dead before she hit the ground and there was a fist sized hole left by the shattering vertebrae. Heck of a deer bullet!~AMMOe

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6pt-sika posted this 30 January 2009

The first deer I ever killed with a 45-70 was also the second deer I ever killed with a cast bullet .


And it just so happens I was using the Lyman 457122 in a Marlin 1895CB . My load is 31.5 grains of SR4759 with a CCI200 primer.

I was about 24 feet up a tree and a large bodied 6 pointer came up to within 21 yards of me ! I shot him and he dropped on the spot !


This is not a hot load by any stretch of the imagination !

I cast my bullets with nothing but plain old wheelweights !


Since then I've killed some more deer with the 45-70 . And to date it's been 50/50 cast/jacketed bullets !

Used the Ranch Dog 460-350 and 460-425 this year to take a couple more .

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Lillard posted this 30 January 2009

I am going to the range tomorrow to see how well they shoot. I have a RCBS 300 and 405 the 300 does not shoot good in my 1895. I prefer a bullet in the 300gr. range for the size critters I hunt in my way of thinking a 300 to 350 gr. bullet from a 45 70 will kill anything big enough to die. I really don't know why I bought the 405 but it does shoot good in the 1895.

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6pt-sika posted this 31 January 2009

I killed a pretty decent 8 point whitetail this season with the Ranch Dog 460-350GC bullet pushed with XMP5744 and lit with the CCI200 primer . Shot him at about 60 yards with a 1978 vintage Marlin thats Micro Grooved . He ran maybe 40 yards after I shot him and that was all she wrote .


A day or two later I was hunting the same treestand and I had my 1895G loaded with the Ranch Dog 460-425GC and again pushed with XMP5744 and lit with the CCI200 . This time I had a spike come by at about 14 yards . I pretty much shot straiht down at him ! Seems in this tree I was climbing a good 30 feet PLUS ! Anyway he just kinda crumbled when the gun went off !

About the only other bullets I've shot in my 45-70's besides the Lyman 457122 and the two RD offereings have been the Lee 340 and 405 grain bullets .


I've had thoughts of getting the RCBS 45-405GC bullet just never have so far .


Saeco makes a nice looking 350 grain GC bullet I think I'd like to try also !

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6pt-sika posted this 31 January 2009

Let me add !

The only thing I don't like about the Lyman 457122 is that it's only offered in a single cavity mold !


Now I realize making a dual cavity hollow point mold would be kinda costly . But nevertheless I like casting with 2 cavity up to 6 cavity molds !


I have a 6 cavity mold for the Ranch Dog 460-350GC bullet and I can get a good pile of bullets quick with that thing ! But then your pot empties a darn sight quicker as well !

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6pt-sika posted this 31 January 2009

If by chance you should be intrested in the Ranch Dog 460-350GC bullet check out his webpage !>

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Lillard posted this 01 February 2009

The single cavity is slow but I like the bullet , I made it to the range yesterday my purpose was to see how well the load grouped on paper. I never shot a single one on paper someone left a coke can on the backstop . I started shooting the can and before I new it all my bullets were gone. The little can never had a chance, sometimes the simpless things are the most fun.

I returned the mold yesterday and borrowed his copy of fourty years with the 45 70 the book is why I didn't make this post last nite.

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galenaholic posted this 01 February 2009

"Now I realize making a dual cavity hollow point mold would be kinda costly . But nevertheless I like casting with 2 cavity up to 6 cavity molds !"


SAECO made at least one two cavity hollow point mold as I have one. It's for a .44 caliber semiwadcutter and gas checked. Right now it's back at Redding having the screw for the sprue plate replaced as it was broken when I bought the mold. I'll have to wait until I get it back to see how it casts. Somehow, I don't think that system would work with the #457122. About the only way to make decent time with the #457122 is to get it rather much one the very hot side. it might be slow casting but in my marlin 1895 and Ruger #1 it's a very accurate bullet. I load 17.0 gr. of SR-4759 and a tuft of dacron for about 1600 FPS which is for me a nice rather mild express load for the guns.

Paul B.

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Lillard posted this 01 February 2009

Back to the range today , I shot paper today instead of cans the 1895 is very accurate with the 457122 but the ruger # 1 did not like it at all. The marlin will not shoot the RCBS 300 but the ruger will. I guess that is what keeps it so interesting.

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Mnshooter posted this 07 February 2009

The Gould bullet or the 457122 you are referring to is an old standby for whitetails.  I use it in a BP cartridge and took a whitetail buck.  I got him a little far back and hit the liver.  He ran off the field and dropped inside the woods.  I found him pretty quickly and he was laying stone dead.  Two other liver hit deer I have shot had their head up when I found them and were finished off.  Some claim it flattens too much on bigger deer such as mulies.  It is no great trick to make an alternate plug to reduce the HP.  I have one that increases the weight of the bullet to about 340 grains.  I use the old BP recipe of 1-20 lead-tin.  The BP load is about 1400 fps.



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Lillard posted this 07 February 2009

I hope to get to try the Gould and the 1895 on a hog in the next few weeks.

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Dale53 posted this 22 March 2009

I have the Lyman 457122 (single cavity hollow point) and I cast up a batch. It is, of course, a bit slow but this particular mould cooperated fully, so it was no harder than it had to be. I cast these at 30/1 lead/tin. I plan to use them with a duplex load (10% smokeless RL-7 and 90% 2f Swiss black powder) in both my 1895 Marlin (Ballard Rifling) and my Ruger #3.

I happened to mention to a good friend that I had the mould and he stated he had a four cavity solid nose copy of that bullet. His idea is to load LOTS of the solid points for practice, then sight in and only use the hollow points for hunting. It seemed like a plan to me. So, I borrowed his mould and ran 21 lbs of the solid points.

I ran into serious vision problems which put ALL of my rifle plans on hold for a year. If my vision continues to improve, I'll be at the bench with my rifles again this season. Here's hopin'!


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fourfingersofdeath posted this 20 June 2009

That Gould mould has been bringing home the critters for around 140 odd years now and is still in production.

Best be showing some respect and taking yer hat off when yer loads those old timers. :D Four Fingers.

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Lillard posted this 26 December 2009

I have shot 3 whitetail deer this season with the Gould HP. They are deadly not one moved from the where they were standing.

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