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.22-10-45 posted this 23 September 2022

Wondering if anyone has shot plain base bullets in a .30-40 krag?  What aloy is best?  How much reduction in charge weight for start loads?  For gas check, I am using H4227, Rel. 7, & Vihtavuorl 130.  Thanks

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Little Debbie posted this 25 September 2022

I shoot a lot of Ideal 308241 and NOE 179 gr FP (Saeco #315 copy) plain base bullets in my .30/40 and .30/06 rifles. I generally use pistol primers and a charge of 10 grains of Red Dot.  The bullets are tumble lubed with 45-45-10 and loaded as cast.   2-3 MOA in my NRA Krag Carbine.  1-2 MOA in several .30/06 rifles including ‘03s,M70s and a couple of Winchester M54 rifles.  I believe the 308241 was designed as a gallery bullet for the .30/40.  

Have done some work with the Lee 312/155-160 bullets without a gas check with similar results.

Any fast pistol/shotgun powder can be used in this load.



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