useing a jig to roll paper patch bullets

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2frogs posted this 05 August 2008

Does anyone know of any place I can find a copy of the jig that is used to roll paper patch bullets on...

I have seen one some place but damn if I can remember where..

Maybe it's not even nessary to use one..I am just thinking it might make it easier to keep the paper straight and inline...


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jhalcott posted this 07 August 2008

 I have never seen a jig for this job. When I PP a bullet I set the patch near the edge of a computer mouse pad. I roll the bullet onto the patch using the edge to keep things straight. I find a line on the pad to lay the patch against really helps. I can roll the patches on quite rapidly using this method.

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Duane Trusty posted this 07 August 2008


You may want to look at “The Paper Jacket” by Paul Matthews. He presents a Chapter titled “The Patching Board".

Duane Trusty

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canalupo posted this 07 August 2008

I roll paper bullets for my flintlock. It consists of a paper tube with the end tied by a string. Found it in a old lyman reloading phamplet. I believe a similar setup should work for paper patching bullets. I took a piece of wooden dowel slightly smaller than finish tube size and about six inches long. Drill a hole in the center of dowel long ways end to end so as to stop tube from causing a suction lock in tube. Cut your papers to suit and roll around wood. I also marked a line lengthwise on outside of wood to give me a starting line and a ring for length. Hope this helps good luck.


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2frogs posted this 07 August 2008

Thanks for the replies...You have a few good ideas here..Thanks again..

I can not seem to find a copy of the Paper patch book by Paul Matthews however....:dude:

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PETE posted this 07 August 2008


  Do a Google on “the paper jacket by paul matthews” and you'll come up with several sources for the book.

  I just roll the patches on by hand with no jig. After a while you'll get the feel of it and do away with any jig you can think up, which I've found to be more of a nuisance than anything.

  Here's something for you to think about when you think you've got the procedure down pat. Back in the hey-day of the PP bullet there are records of one girl in a 10 hr. day patching 12,000 bullets.


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blue roan posted this 10 August 2008

THE PAPER JACKET by Paul Matthews is going to be re-printed by Wolfe Publishing in the near future.  Since interest in paper patch bullets has really taken off, the book was getting sold for as high as $60...if you could find a copy!   Mine was less than $15 in a package deal from the publisher...they also do RIFLE and HANDLOADER magazines.

 Mr.  Matthews has a series of books available from Wolfe.  The latest is MORE HOW-TOS FOR THE BLACK POWDER CARTRIDGE RIFLE SHOOTER; released this month.

Another book for the paper patch fan is LOADING AND SHOOTING PAPER PATCH BULLETS, A BEGINNERS GUIDE by Randolph Wright.  His book is well written and profusely illustrated.



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CB posted this 24 August 2008

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CB posted this 24 August 2008

What the heck are you talking about Joe???

Joint Roller, JOINT ROLLER!?!?!?

I dont roll my smokes with a joint roller Joe, It is a cigaretter machine, a Premier cigarette machine and it uses premade filtered cigarette tubes.

I think you been spending too much time out in the garage with the door closed.

Actually one of those may work, but I always used a piece of old vinyl coated table cloth cut about the size of a dollar bill, take the paper lay it down on the vinyl side then put the bullet at the edge fold it over and roll it with the flat of your palm.

It take a couple of time to get it down, nut it works like a charm.

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jonskorepa posted this 26 August 2008

patching board by mathews i will zerox a copy of the instructions and mail to you . i need an address.   jon

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beltfed posted this 11 December 2008

There is a picture of a paper patching board, with  an innovative alignment groove cut in it in Pictures on the msn.groups/bpcr board forum


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Molly posted this 01 March 2009

Use one of the old fashioned cigarette rolling machines, with a rubberized cloth sheet that a steel roller works. Drop in a bullet, add a damp patch, flip the handle, and a tightly wrapped bullet emerges in about a second (As fast as you can flip the handle.) Molly

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