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Gene posted this 27 February 2008

I want to get a Yugo Model 48 to compete with.  I've noticed from the match results 90% of the competitors are shooting 03's and 03A3's.  Would I be competitive with a 48?

Gene Perryman

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giorgio de galleani posted this 21 March 2008

Dear kjg,

hope you do not live too far from  Tara or Seven Oaks,30 miles from my home there is a zone where the earth is red as the earth of Scarlett O'Hara.

I have a Lyman double  cavity loverin ,about 160 grs. and two Lee ,une standard design and another the custom 200 gr. as advertzed by midsouth.

I have a 4 cavity saeco that had a wrong gas check shank ,too shallow,a mess.

I had th shanks milled away ,now they are wonderful bevel based bullets.

This mould I'll keep,for an 8 mm. lebel Mousqueton Berthier a loading project for this summer. The Mousqueton Bertier is ,to mi biased opinion, even worse than the 98K and the Moisin carbine combined, it has no safety and the bolt needs  Cassius Clay for opening it. But I want to give this 8 lebel a fair trial bfore selling it.

Tried a Lee 7mm trash can bullet in my three long barrel Mausers,1908,1912 and 93 and they shoot great.

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kjg posted this 20 March 2008

giorgio if you don't want those 8mm moulds please by al means send them to me in here in georgia and I'll make good use out of them;):lovecast:     kjg

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CB posted this 13 March 2008


There is no offense here.     The NRA has ran articles on the US Springfield over the last few years and that seemed to have sparked a real interest in collecting the Springfields. They are beginning to be a hard item to find for sale. Prices?

A complete 1903-A3 Springfield......$600+

Swiss K-31...............$230

Mausers in 8mm complete.............$180-$250

Russian Nagants..........$130

The Carcanos and 6.5 Swedes are failry common, but I haven't seen any for a while to know the prices.

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giorgio de galleani posted this 13 March 2008

Please do not think I am mean,wicked or worse,Please control the price ad delivery time of the 8mm rcbs 8mm molds at Midway.

In Italy they cost 150 euros plus 20%VAT tax and postage ,more than two normal rcbs moulds.For that price I could get a 4 cavity from LBT

Usually rcbs are good ,I have saeco,lee and lyman moulds in 8mm with which I cast  unsatisfactory bullets.for my long persian 8x57 bullets.

I do not know prices and availability of old gi rifles in the us,but an 03A3 is practically unbeatable with issue sights,K 31 Swiss can be on par or better only wih modified sights or scopes. 

Reloading for the 30-06 is surely cheaper end easier.

You shod shoot with pride your US  03A3s made with best steels and materials and more modern machines than those available in europe unde bomb raids in war timeGermany or in  post war communist Yuguslavia.

I do not want to offend anybody,But read my post in the postal match section.


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CB posted this 11 March 2008


I see what you mean by the many variations of 8mm Mausers out there, plus the many rifles in various degrees of throat and barrel erosion. From the many selections out there, a person could find one closer to like new throat and bore condition than settle for a poor and have a headache find CBs to fit. Like new bores allow a good fit with a 175gr to 200gr cb to shoot at moderate competition velocities and avoid the high recoil of full hunting loads.

Darn, :P  you mention fresh hot German Rye bread, that makes me hungry to make some fresh bread from a great Swedish Rye bread recipe that I have :D  ...........Dan

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giorgio de galleani posted this 11 March 2008

No,no I love Germany,  on  the side of my bed I have a lonely planet guide of germany that I read before sleep .Yesterday night I was at ludwig's castle in Neuschwanstein.Ieven went two times to Augsburg to buy custom stocks,for my .30-06,a nice little shop in Schmiedgasse,Blacksmith street,there is still a channel to give energy tu the  shops.

To night I'll go from fussen to garmish-partenkirken.(tho I love better Austria and Switzerland).I love the rolling Bavarian hills nd the lovely country gasthaus,where every small town has at least one beer factory.You must admit that the last time the Jerries won a war against white men was in 1870: 

I have been disappointed by short Kar 98 8 mm and 308 rifles shot with factory loads and have some Lee Saeco and Lyman moulds that do not shoot well in a mint long gewehr  from Iran.

I am gonna sell it,I'll buy a 44 marlin for hogs at the beginning of the season,when it is hot and piglets are small.

I repeat I have had very good groups with a long  7mm.1912 gevehr made by steyr and a Fn mod 24 with sporter barrel and stock.

Paul mauser invented a masterpiece rifle,ruined,in my humble opinion by the German army using  those sights , stockand caliber. Try as soon as you can any 6.5 ,7mm or .30cal expecially the 93 or 95 models.Long infantry  gewehrs.

I have 5 mauser now ,and I might soon buy another .308 sporter from a friend in the future.

Add the fact that I believe that brass US made or Lapua  in my calibers is made to better tolerances,and you can easly find better made moulds for cast bullets. There are no Sierra match bullets in 8mm too ,even if is not a major factor for us.

At last,to Gene' question:As 90% us cb people use Springfields can I be competitive ,I'll reply Yes,but you must be very clever cast bullet shooter,get a custom mold be prepared to experiment and do not let the barrel heat too much.

Much simpler to get a US Gi rifle if available and enjoy easy reach success.

If any   one is able to have success wth a Kar 98 I am ready to reject my present opinion and follow his recipes.Grues Gott to everybody. 

PS I m late to night,in the oven there is a loaf of traditional German Rye bread.it will be cooked in another fifteen minutes.

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Scott Merchant posted this 11 March 2008


I beginning to think you don't under stand that the K 98 with cast bullet loads will not kick you into tomorrow. The load I recommended to Gene are very accurate and don't kick any more 30-06 or 303 British loaded with cast bullets at a velocity between 1400 fps to 1600 fps for paper targets. If I didn't know better I would think you have something against the Germans. :D


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giorgio de galleani posted this 11 March 2008

I would stay away from mauser 98 K ,specially in 8mm.

With full loads they recoil painfully and they have the wicked habit of spraying the  bullets vertcally,I have a  long barrel gewehr 1912 made by Steyr for Brazil that shoots well with a pistol scope mounted on the rear issue sight.

Another good one is a long barreled Brazilian 93 ,7x57 with a relined barrel

An FN 1924 with sporter 30-06 barrel and stock shoots beautifully too.I believe that the stepped barrel and the bedding of the 98K are the problem.

I would look for a good 03A3 with new two groove barrel or a good Remington or Winchester Mod of17 get a gang mould from LBT or NEI  .Theese manifacturers have lots of experience with 30 cal rifles a an can taylor the mould to the conditions of your bore,With the 8 mm 98K different manufacturers all over europe made widely different throats.

With gang moulds I geat large number of bullets in a reasonable time,getting a large and uniform batch with which I can make a meaningful experimentation.

When we had  obsolete military rifle matches ,200 meters from prone,at Codogno range,Italy,the second year the 8mm 98K disappeared,everybody shot Garl Gustafs 6.5 .03A3' or P14 or M17 enfields, and Swiss K31 Schmidt Rubins.

Even the Carcanos,with new barrels print nice round groups. 

I do not like the mosin nagants,either russian or finns,While a have a good shooting Dragunof,new,named Tigr ,With a weaver T6x en lieu of the horrible issue scope.

But of course,I believe in every gentleman's right to shoot what he likes best.

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CB posted this 11 March 2008

I hear the Swiss K31's shoot very well as do the 03A3's with a Saeco 315 bullet with little felt recoil using SR-4759 with a charge of 18 grs.

If you get one of the 6.5 x 55 Swede rifles, you need to be able to read and dope the wind. Again very low felt recoil.

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Scott Merchant posted this 10 March 2008


The load that I used in the 8MM is very pleasant to shoot, your wife would not notice the recoil. I use to shoot the 25-06 for Deer, I liked the way it downed game. Ed has it right about the noise and recoil. But getting back to a Military Cast Bullet rifles any thing from the 6.5x55 Thur the 8MM will work fine with little felt recoil.





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beemer posted this 10 March 2008

The recoil is mild, 30-30 or less. Most of the milsurps are not light weight rifles. Less recoil and noise, but still a lot of bang for the buck. In the 8mm, 7.62x54, 303 I also get better accuracy with cast than with military surplus ammo.


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Ed Harris posted this 10 March 2008

Gene wrote: What kind of recoil are we talking about?... I want the wife to shoot with me.  If the recoil with lead bullets is equal to/greater than  the 25-06 then it's drop back and punt. Most of the cast bullet loads which shoot well in the various military rifles are in the .32-40 to .303 Savage (or .30-30) class (1400-1900 f.p.s.) and recoil will be noticeably less than full loads fired in your .25-06.   Less noisy too!  


73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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Gene posted this 10 March 2008

Scott and beemer

Now the 64 dollar question!!!

What kind of recoil are we talking about?  (Background-I just got back from the range after shooting about 20 rds thru my son's Browning A-bolt 25-06 with Horn. 117 grn BTSP 2990 vel. which weighs approx 7 lbs. w/scope).  I want the wife to shoot with me.  If the recoil with lead bullets is equal to/greater than  the 25-06 then it's drop back and punt.

Please advise as I'm trying to find a rifle/caliber we can shoot together.

Gene Perryman

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beemer posted this 09 March 2008

I have never shot a military match but have shot some lead through a Yugo Mauser.A solid rifle with a good bore can shoot very well. Both my 48 and 24/47 will do about 2-2 1/4 moa off a bench with loads they like. The LYMAN 323470 sized to .325 and 20 grs. of IMR 4198 with a half of a grain of dacron works for me. As stated above the biggest drawbacks are the sights and trigger. Some tinkering around can improve those. I think the 8mm is a very good round and has not got the attention that the 30's have recieved.


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Scott Merchant posted this 09 March 2008


The Yugo 48 with a good barrel works fine. About 3 years ago I mounted a Lyman 57 on a Yugo and put a replacement front sight that was higher and wider. This was for John Scott who shot at Hawkeye. I helped him develop a load, what we settled on was 20 grains of AA5744, CCI 200 primer and the RCBS 8mm 170 FN, The bullet was sized at .325 .

With this combination, in practice I was able to shoot a number of 100s on the MR-31 target. I have a VZ 24 that I hope to get into a match with this year. The 8mm my be a sleeper as far as the Military Match's go. I also agree that in the Issue Class that the Mauser sights leave something to be desired. So in ending I think that a Yugo would be competitive especially in the Mod Iron or Scope Class.


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RicinYakima posted this 27 February 2008


Several issues with the 8MM Mausers:

One is for issue sight matches is the sights. A lot of us older guys can't see them well enough to shoot a whole match. Just too hard on our old eyes.

The other is experience. The first reloading book, Mattern's Handloading Ammunition from 1926, spends more time on cast bullets in the “30 Model 1906” than any other single subject. So we don't have the knowledge of what makes an 8MM shoot well and what bullets work the best.

Lastly is barrel quality. Mausers were made by more countries and manufacturers than any other rifle design. Some are great and some are not. Swiss and US military barrels are always of high quality and consistence.

HTH, Ric

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CB posted this 27 February 2008

The Yugo is a good Mauser action, so if you find a rifle with a like new bore, that'll help ya. If you want to be competitive, it ought to have Modified Iron sights or a scope. The issue sights are tuff to shoot. When you go to the Modified Iron and Modified Scope class you can bed the action and add a target trigger. If you're wanting to shoot issue, it be a lot easier to work up the load first with a scope.

Not many are shooting the 8mm, but it ought to shoot if enough time and effort is out into load development. Good luck and have fun....................Dan

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