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PredFan posted this 19 April 2016

Hey gang, What is the best reference for reloading data for my cast bullets. I'm specifically reloading handgun bullets. The data sheets supplied with the dies have only limited data, and only if you make your bullets in the weight(s) that they list. If you make some other weight you are out of luck. On-line, I haven't found a list that has lead bullets listed. The all list FMJ, HP, SWC, etc. Thanks in advance.John

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fa38 posted this 19 April 2016

In the education area of the Hodgdon site they talk about lead bullets. http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/reloading-education/tips-and-tricks/which-data-do-i-use-when-my-specific-bullet-not-listed

The last two paragraphs: Lead bullets and copper plated lead bullets yield very similar pressure and velocity results, so when the weights are the same, the same data may be used for each. Jacketed Lead core bullets come in a variety of configurations. Jacketed Hollow points and Jacketed Flat points of the same weight use the same data. Round nosed, lead core, full metal jacketed bullets of the same weight can also use the same data.

In conclusion, bullets with similar shapes and construction materials will utilize the same data. And, above all else, work up your loads by starting with the beginning load and increase charges in small increments, at all times watching for case head pressure signs and stiff extraction.

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PredFan posted this 19 April 2016

Thanks guys. Are they up to date on all of the powders usually?

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onondaga posted this 19 April 2016


Modern Reloading, 2nd Edition,  Lee,  has the largest collection of cast handloads and also details load conversion from jacketed to cast by load reduction pressure compatible with cast bullet strength in the chapters on pressure. Lee's book also has the most collected data on ballistic pressure with loads.

I have the Lyman book too, and they both are great.


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Westhoff posted this 19 April 2016

Lyman's Cast Bullet Handbook, 4th edition, and Lyman's 49th edition Reloading Handbook both have plenty of Cast Bullet Handgun loads.


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