35 Whelen loads

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Revolverman posted this 16 February 2016

Have a 35 Whelen ordered for delivery this week.  My 3rd edition Lyman CB Handbook has nothing in it.  Does the fourth edition include  it?  Would purchase  if it does.  Any other good sources? Also, it has a 16 inch twist.  Good for 200-250 grainers?

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mckg posted this 16 February 2016


See Paco's article (nr2), and probably others.

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onondaga posted this 16 February 2016

it is in the 4th, page 191:

http://s30.photobucket.com/user/rhymeswithwhat/media/P2160138_zpspxccblxp.jpg.html>https://www.midwayusa.com/product/573077/lee-2-cavity-bullet-mold-c358-200-rf-38-special-357-magnum-38-colt-new-police-38-s-and-w-358-diameter-200-grain-flat-nose-gas-check>https://www.midwayusa.com/product/573077/lee-2-cavity-bullet-mold-c358-200-rf-38-special-357-magnum-38-colt-new-police-38-s-and-w-358-diameter-200-grain-flat-nose-gas-check Available now 2 cavity, reduced sale price for $19.70 from MidwayUSA

Big picture of that Lee bullet:https://media.midwayusa.com/productimages/880x660/alt1/573/573077.jpg>https://media.midwayusa.com/productimages/880x660/alt1/573/573077.jpg Should be a meat slammer in #2 alloy with 50 Gr IMR3031, nice low pressure for cast and high velocity. That is what the Whelen does best.


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onondaga posted this 17 February 2016


I don't know how experienced you are in area of the high intensity cast rifle loads I recommended. This is as hot as it gets in cast. I shoot 375 H&H cast at this level for Bear with my pre 64 Mod 70 my brother always has. “Fine rifles are never really owned ” is what he says.

It takes a lot of skill to get a throat fitting bullet at any load level. This load level demands perfection. The sized/checked bullet diameter that shows ink smeared during a chambering test will do it with a #2 alloy gas checked bullet. You may well need to custom hone a Lee Lube and Size Kit die to get the ink test passed, or even the bullet mold too. That is normal.

I hope you get it done well and would be happy to help. The first driving band ahead of the crimp groove on the Lee bullet should be slightly smeared upon chambering for the highest potential of accuracy. If you are not shooting 1” or under @ 50 yards that is usually why.


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