Lyman 450 lube leak

  • Last Post 09 November 2015
joeb33050 posted this 01 November 2015

Lube comes out the bottom, didn't in the past. Anyone know an easy fix? Thanks; joe b.

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Eutectic posted this 09 November 2015

Are you heating the sizer from below? Often this will melt the lube in the base and cause a leak. Controlling the temperature will often stop the leak or slow it to where it is not important. The leak may be in the crimped-in chamber insert. This will require cleaning the lube chamber and sealing with cement. Not easy, as cement on the chamber walls is a no-no.  I disassembled mine, put fine valve grinding compound on the bolt head and turned it until the base and bolt were matched. Another good (and easier) fix is a plastic washer on the bolt shaft. Unfortunately you must make the washer unless you have a really good hardware store. If the washer is thick, the head may protrude from the base and a cardboard spacer with a hole made for under the base. Steve Hurst   

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RicinYakima posted this 02 November 2015

This “O” ring is too large, but find one just the size of the cut on the bottom of the lube reservoir and not much thicker, or you have to replace it often. You still have to clean the little spot off, but it can be saved for flux.

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joeb33050 posted this 02 November 2015

Thanks. I've done the chipboard, then plastic under thing, but it gets messy when unbolting the 450-I have to mount/dismount each time I use it. Ric-where does this o ring go? joe b.

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RicinYakima posted this 01 November 2015

Joe, If you have to mount and dis-mount the lube/sizer very often, you can just put an “O” ring under the bottom of the pressure screw head. Ric

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Maven posted this 01 November 2015

joe, The late Ken Mollohan's fix is very easy and 100% effective.  Just take a pc. of shirt cardboard or tablet backing, trace the base of the #450 around it, cut it out, poke holes for the mounting bolts, and remount it.  I had the same problem you're now experiencing and Ken's solution worked perfectly.  Indeed, it took longer to dismount and remount the #450 than to solve the problem.

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