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drhall762 posted this 02 October 2015

I have a drilling. 16 x 16 x 9.3x72R. Due to groove size I am going to be loading Paper patched, 200 grain .358 cast bullets. Anyone able to point me at some good starting loads. Drilling is Nitro Proofed but I am shooting lead. Thanks,

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 02 October 2015

great project !! any chance of some photos here ?

are you looking for 1200-1400 fps plinker loads or a 1600-1900 fps deer whackers ?


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billglaze posted this 03 October 2015

D.R: Just got back from a few days at Wrightsville Beach. If you're ever near Greensboro, I live in Summerfield, about 10 mi. North of Greensboro. I'm available most times for talk, or meet for lunch, etc. etc. Feel free to call.

Bill Glaze

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Rich/WIS posted this 10 October 2015

You do know that NOE makes molds for the 9.3 and also has gas checks for it?

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