Found access to NobelSport Revolver #3, SR7641, need info

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corerf posted this 19 May 2015

looking for ANY info (not necessarily load data but more burn rate/equivalency to known powder profiles) on the NobelSport Revolver#3, very similar and maybe near replacement for SR7641 per the handlers (in physical attributes, not burn rates!!!!), It is MUCH slower than 7641/4759

Please don't confuse it with Pistol3 or Rifle 3, its vastly different!

I have access to a bit of it. Its tubular, hollow, fine small tube extruded rifle powder. Speed is SLOWER than W296 and slower than WC-680, yet UBER BULKY. An an 8 lib jug barely holds 6 lbs topped off. That makes it faster than RL-7 if I am correct. But its bulk is what makes me happy. Like the Trail Boss of fast rifle powders. Ive contacted Nobel by email in France, who knows if they will even respond to me.

Any insight into viability for high density, efficient cast bullet loading with this powder would be helpful.  Best Mike

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jeff houck posted this 19 May 2015

This burn rate chart put the Nobel revolver #3 powder in the same category as IMR 4227 and 4759. Quick loads does not have this powder in it's library, so you're on you're own in extrapolating a starting load Hope this helps, jeff

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corerf posted this 20 May 2015

Jeff that helped greatly. I've got the same question posted and some Aussies have replied that they have never seen in any Nobel guides of any age, rev-3, but indeed it does exist.

I believe it will ultimately pan out as being designed for commercial loading only.

Id sure like some thoughts on its use. A tubular fluffy light weight powder, with super bulk, and it burns sloooooow. So its like win 680 speed but not spherical with the ignition spasms normally associated with ball and has the bulk of trail boss. Sounds like a win, win for cast.

It's $100/6 lbs. I'm having to fund a pressure trace system for my rolling block work and so I'm on the fence. It could be a holy grail find for the 8x58 round and staying below 30kpsi.

Could be...... Could be a load of fertilizer.

The rev-1 is noted to be like 4227 and it's far faster than rev-2 &3 (rev-2 is fairly well known in the UK, some are still shooting with quantities of it in mag revolver work with excellent results)


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mckg posted this 23 May 2015

corerf, can you tell the country and year of production for that powder?

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corerf posted this 23 May 2015

Glasgow Scotland UK I'll try for a year but has to be 70s based on Nobel company hisyory

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mckg posted this 23 May 2015

Thanks Mike!

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noylj posted this 26 May 2015

Rev-3 is in the burn rate of 296/H110. Is it even made any more? There is/was: PIS-3 (Nitro 100, Bullseye, PIS-3, Solo 1000, Red Dot) REV-1 (very slightly faster than REV-3 REV-3 (296/H110, REV-3, BA6, AR2205, SR-4759, N120) and RIF-3 (H4227, 5744 XMR, 410, RIF-3, N130, SP3, 1680) .

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dodgyrog posted this 08 June 2015

I have a Nobel load data book which I could quote from (or scan) if that is of any help

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mckg posted this 09 June 2015

dodgyrog wrote: I have a Nobel load data book which I could quote from (or scan) if that is of any helpLots of us would love that kind of reading, thank you. How many pages in it :) ?

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corerf posted this 09 June 2015

Dodgyroj any form would be an exceptional help!!!! Thank you!!

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dodgyrog posted this 10 June 2015

As it is a booklet I expect it will ha to be a PDF document - can somebody tell me how/where to upload it to. I do keep a lot of shooting documents on Dropbox so I suppose I could upload to that and those of you who want to see it would need to give me your email address (it is free) Suggestions please. I have to say it's nice to be able to help after taking so much knowledge off of this forum!

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mckg posted this 11 June 2015

I'm not familiar with dropbox.

You could Email it to people interested. Lots of Emails limit the size of attachments to 10 or 25 MB, and lots of people/programs have difficulties making lighter .pdf files.

I asked about how many pages it had with regard to file size and the amount of work.

Scans can come out as .jpg files for each page, which are lighter than .png; but you can convert .png to .jpg. Some scanning programs will only offer .pdf.

My suggestion is that if there's a couple of pages for pistol loads, you could scan them to a jpg format and insert them in posts in this thread. There is a one pic per post limit if you use Attachment: Browse for pics from your computer. Use the ) in a single post.

Pdf is allowed as an attachment only I think.

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mckg posted this 11 June 2015

This is a test for an older Vectan .pdf file as an attachment:

It doesn't show like a picture but can be downloaded. Looks like the best way to share such a file.

dodgyrog posted this 07 September 2015

Right, first the apology for the delay in getting the book uploaded - I can't do it!!! Not computer literate enough! HOWEVER I have acquired another copy of the old Nobel reloading manual which I will send free of charge to someone who can make a decent Adobe document of it and make it available to anyone on here. PM me your name and address if you can and will do this.

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