Old Herter Semi-Jacketed 30 Cal for 30.30 reload data request

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Lackwell posted this 19 February 2015

I have acquired several boxes of Herter 150 gr .308 Semi jacketed flat nose bullets and need reload data. These bullets look to be lead gas checked bullets.  Only the lower 1/3 of the bullet is enclosed.  I have the following powders available IMR-4198,3031,4831,Bullseye, Trap 100, HS6, H4227,H110 and W231.  I intend to use the bullets in a 30.30 with tubular magazine.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 19 February 2015

half jackets were pretty popular for a while back around the Herter's days. seemed such a great idea ... ( g ) .

for me, they worked about like gas checked cast bullets .... so i kept to cast velocities, and stopped buying half-jackets.

in a 30-30 this could approach factory loads, so 4198, 3031, 4895 area would be the choice for that. 2200 fps might be attainable.

myself, i just plink, so 1600 fps is about all i need ... 4227 is my first choice but try the others. and don't underestimate the power of a 150 gr bullet at 1300-1800 fps. compare to a 357 mag, as they say.

too bad you don't have some world famous herter's smokeless powder to go with those bullets ( g ) .


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rockquarry posted this 20 February 2015

Ken Campbell's experience is about the same as mine. The half-jacketed soft-swaged bullet will lead a bore if pushed too fast, but only experimentation will tell you how fast that is.

A lot of powders will work, but since you already have 4198 & 3031, just use those with some cast bullet starting load charges from one of current Lyman manuals.

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Ed Harris posted this 23 February 2015

If the exposed lead shank of the bullet contacts the rifling, it will lead unless lubricated. Dilute Lee Liquid Alox with an equal liquid volume of mineral spirits so that it is runny like oancake syrup and tumble a light coat, let it dry and load normally. Treat like a gaschecked bullet.

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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