.257 Roberts Ackley Improved.

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JeffinNZ posted this 07 August 2023


I may have become the custodian of a very pretty VZ33 action .257 Roberts AI with a Douglas barrel.

Anyone shooting .257 Roberts with cast?

Cheers from New Zealand

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admiral posted this 07 August 2023

My Pop has a custom 1960's era Ruger No.1 in 257 Ackley from P.O. Ackley's shop. Re-barrel and custom fore end. He's not a cast bullet shooter like I am but he asked me to try cast in it because it shot jacketed so well. I used a .260" 100gr. LBT LFN GC with 20.0 gr. IMR 4198 and it shot 1.5" ten shot groups @ 100 yards on the first try.

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