Felix World Famous Lube   Felix Lube formula

2 Tablespoons mineral oil 1 Tablespoon castor oil 1 Tablespoon Ivory, or homemade soap (grated) 1 Tablespoon Lanolin Beeswax - Piece approximately 3 1/2” X 3 1/2” X 1 “

Heat mineral (baby) oil until it starts to smoke.

Add castor oil, and stir continuously for 1/2 hour.

Sliver the soap, and stir into the mixture a little at a time, until melted.

Add the beeswax before the lanolin, and then when that is melted, reduce or remove the heat and add the lanolin, thus not running any risk of burning or scorching the lanolin.

1 teaspoon of carnauba wax can be added to give a shiny bore. This can be found on the seal of Makers Mark whiskey, or the red wax on cheese from the supermarket.

Once made, let cool. This can be re-melted in a microwave, and poured into the lubrisizer.   Metric Felix Lube 30ml Mineral oil 15ml Castor oil 15ml Ivory soap (grated) 15ml Lanolin 2 deciliters Beeswax As posted by Finn45   Before making any lube for the first time, read most if not all of the following posts to get a comprehensive insight.  What goes wrong is almost always shootable, but keep in mind the lube(s) can be adjusted easily.  Put lube into your lube machine only after it has proven satisfactory for your favorite loads....Felix Pilgrim, the following is almost an exact copy of what was written previously. You can equal or surpass Veral's lube with beeswax, anhydrous lanolin, mineral oil, sodium stearate, castor oil, and paraffin. On the stove using a shallow pot, heat two tablespoons of baby oil (mineral oil). When starting to smoke, add a tablespoon of castor oil and raise to just below smoking (about 300 degrees) and continually stir for around an half hour. After the time is up, add slivers of Ivory soap (sodium stearate), making the slivers melt entirely by stirring one parcel before adding more. Use a razor blade to make the slivers, and saturate the mixture with the soap, but no more than a tablespoon's worth. Then add one tablespoon of lanolin. After mixing, add beeswax to make the final mixture per requirement. Add paraffin to the batch to make it a harder pan lube when beeswax is scarce.  A special ingredient which impresses friends is Carnauba wax.  It's not required to do the job, but it keep your barrel mirror bright after each shot. The next time you go to the cheese shop, pick a selection having a thick plastic wrapper. The Laughing Cow brand comes to mind. After enjoying the cheese, wash off the cover and mash up about a rounded teaspoon (not tablespoon) and melt this into your freshly made lube. Mix well....Now here comes a little more info: beeswax is the base, castor oil is the real lube, lanolin makes the lube sticky, stearate glues the mess together so it does not separate into components upon cooling, carnauba wax adds the shine, and paraffin is the ultimate hardener, to be used as a last resort...add more castor oil or lanolin to make the lube slicker for smaller bores and/or a winter lube.   Always slick the barrel down with Hoppe's or other oily cleaner and then dry patch it with only one push-thru stroke before shooting. As an addendum to the last post, the amount of carnauba wax added to a lube is critical when the so-called barrel shine is the objective after shooting. If using shoe polish for example, it would take more of it to get the proper amount of carnauba; if using pure carnauba, it won't take but a little. The amount does not hurt the lube, but it's the proper ratio in the final lube that counts to make the mirror-bright shine. You just gotta' play games to get to the correct amount.

Courtesy of SunDog we have a little more updated information below. -Jeff

Posted: Fri Jan 11th, 2008 08:12 am images/spacer.gif images/spacer.gif Several years ago, Felix and I made the “Big Batch” in the MOAS.  It was distributed around the country, and I think Canada and Australia.  It was about 25 gallons worth, poured off into small loaf pans.  Ingredients were paid for by the recipients.  I'm still working on my portion of it.  It was an all day affair, and another all dayer for Felix and his wife to do all the shipping.

Up front the two oils should be together mixed from the git-go, and held below smoking, stirring, for 30 minutes.  I like mineral oil better than baby oil.  When we did the big batch we also added some jojoba oil (expensive) and microparaffin.  No carnuba.  You can tailor this the way you want.  If properly constructed, the oil will NOT leak out of the lube, every in high temp environments.

Stearic acid can be substitued for Ivory soap, but I have not done so as the soap is handy.  The soap can also be grated instead of sliverred.  It will foam when added to the hot oil.  Add no more than what will melt in.

I've been using Felix lube for a number of years now, and it's good stuff.  I keep mine in bulk, and microwave small amounts at a time to refill the lube-sizer.

Make real sure that you add the ANHYDROUS lanolin last, and do NOT burn it.

Exact portions are not that critical.  You can play around with it and make it any way you want.

You can do a lot worse for lube.

Jeff, you might want to add my notes here to the sticky in this thread.