It was a beautiful 19th of August. This time we did a 10 shot group match at 100 and 200 yards. At 100 yards Wayne Vietz in Plain Base class earned a small group sticker, one of his groups measured 0.656

Terry O'Neill won the 20 shot Offhand match with a score of 162-1×, but Clark Allen had the most X's with one target scoring 74-4×.

Wayne won plain Base with a Grand Agg of 1.242

Chad Rickertsen won Heavy Class with a Grand Agg of 1.083

Dan Hudson won Hunter class with a Grand Agg of 2.968

Gerry Young the only Production shooter we had fired a Grand Agg of 1.710

We will not have a match in September, so our next Windhill Match will be in October.