Winchester self loading rifles 32 sl, 35sl, 351 sl, and 401 sl.

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eddy64 posted this 09 January 2021


I am interested into the Winchesters from around 1903 to 1910. Anyone who is casting ammo for these? Any one have any complete ammo for the same magazines (clips) etc. 

I am in Quebec Canada so would not be able to get ammo from U.S.A


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GregT posted this 06 November 2021

Good Morning!

     Keep your eyes on the recoil buffers. I'm pretty sure they were in all the blowback, centerfire rifles made preceding World War one by Winchester. I get mine from Numrich Gun Parts, but I am looking for something made today that can substitute for them. I had some blue colored plastic buffers made for the Model 1911 auto pistol but they are currently "mis-placed" in my parts accumulation.


Hayward, Wisconsin

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partsman posted this 06 November 2021

all brass i made from 414 supermag 7.62x39 and 6.5 grendel basic brass along with proper new manufacture 401 head stamped cases functioned well, used from 26 to 29 grains IMR4227, decided to not use the 30 grain loads, they might have been too much, but i think i will stick with either 27 or 28 grain loads with the 200 grain jacketed bullets, quite a fun gun to shoot, not bad accuracy, but all shooting was off hand, so will have to try at range from a bench,

Will be trying out some cast bullets in 200 and 240 grains, they may be nice too.

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45 2.1 posted this 01 May 2021

Am trying to make cases from the 6.5 Grendel basic brass, the 414 super mag, and the 7.62x39 brass, all for the 401,

The 7.62x39 cases make strong .401 brass after you fireform them in the rifles chamber. It would help if you can lathe the extractor groove forward as the rifles extractor hits the front of the extractor groove on the original 7.62x39 case.

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partsman posted this 30 April 2021

i bought both 200 and 240 grain cast bullets in an auction, the 200 have a gas check, the 240 does not, i also have two molds made by accurate molds out of the states, one for 200 grain and one for 240 grain bullets, i think i speced the 200 with a gas check, will have to look, still trying to narrow down a load using IMR4227 for all bullets.

Did get some 200 grain TMJ from Graf in the states to try, and some buffalo soft point bullets in 200 grain.

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eddy64 posted this 18 January 2021

I am using 414 super maximum cases for the 401sl and 357 maximum cases for the 351. Both work fine after shorting and turning down the rims and re-sizing them. I have fired both and they are o.k. What I would like to get is some cast bullets for both just made from lead and not plated.

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partsman posted this 18 January 2021

Am currently working on making cases for the 351 and the 401 rifles, just got my molds for casting, have bought, reformed cases and 401 heads tamped cases and jacketed bullets from the states through Prophet River and Rusty woods, 

Am trying to make cases from the 6.5 Grendel basic brass, the 414 super mag, and the 7.62x39 brass, all for the 401, am trying to use 360 Dan Wesson brass for making 351 cases, have picked up the odd batch of cases from when Jamison and captech made them.

Have also looked into buying some part rifles for both the 351 and 401.

Lots of fun, cant wait till i can try shoot them.

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