Winchester 231

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John Alexander posted this 29 July 2019

Has anybody used WW 231 for low pressure loads cast bullet loads for rifles?


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Keith posted this 29 July 2019

Yes I do for the 22 Hornet.  2.0 grains for a plain base 40grain and 3.0 for a 45 grain gas check.  231 is the most accurate of the several I have tried.   I use other powders for the 30 calibers I shoot, and I prefer Reloader 7.


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45 2.1 posted this 29 July 2019

Yes, but there is a marked difference in accuracy between the old WW 231 in the round metal cans and the newer stuff in the black plastic containers. The newer stuff is not the equal of the older formulation.

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RicinYakima posted this 29 July 2019

I have used it for light bullet loads in 7.62X39 bolt guns and 30/30 Handi-Rifles. Being non-deterrent coated, it ignites easily and does not appear to be very position sensitive. Don't know anything about the new stuff, still working my way through a hoard of metal cans from an estate sale.

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Ed Harris posted this 29 July 2019

I used it years ago, but as was said the current stuff is not as good as the old.  TiteGroup or WST are better.

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mashburn posted this 30 July 2019


Very light loads of Winchester 231 can get squirrely. I think that Ken posted something about light 231 loads in the past but I can't be sure. But I can attest to the fact.

I haven't loaded anything with 231 for some years and still have about 2cans and one of the plastic jugs of 231. Tell me something: what seems to be the difference in the old and the new 231? I haven't loaded anything with the new 231.  My loading manuals are nowhere close to being current. Does any of the newer manuals show any load differences for the new 231?


David a. Cogburn

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gpidaho posted this 30 July 2019

Most of the fast end shotgun powders work okay for reduced loads and I've tried most of them.  TiteGroup  works best for me. Gp

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John Alexander posted this 30 July 2019

Thanks to everyone for your posts.  I guess I will stick to TiteGroup.


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