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max503 posted this 30 September 2017

 What's the best product to use for re-bluing screw heads and covering spots on firearms?  All I can find are kits with multiple bottles of bluing.  I just want to fix some screws that have been abused, and maybe cover a rust spot here and there.  Thanks.

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Ken T posted this 30 September 2017

I use OxphoBlue from Brownell's.It's easy to use and gives a good finish.I used it on a Colt New Service that appears to be a suicide gun from the bluing damage and was able to blend the repaired finish in to match the original.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 01 October 2017

,,, for smaller steel parts that don't need to be hard a simple blueing technique is to just hold them in a flame until they turn a nice blue ...... don't go beyond blue ...

pre-polishing is good .... you can get a very nice blue ....the blue is not very deep but then neither is cold blue ......   if you prefer cold blue oxpho is good, and heat the parts to about 120 F. and if small enough soak them in the blue in a cup for 30 seconds . ... after either heat or cold blue be sure to oil immediately.


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Ed Harris posted this 01 October 2017

If you want a dull black rather than blue, Birchwood-Casey aluminum black gives a dull black finish on steel similar to Parkerizing.  I find it more useful for blacking iron sights, etc.

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max503 posted this 01 October 2017

Thanks. I think I'll try that oxphoblue. I wasn't aware of that product.

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Goatwhiskers posted this 03 October 2017

FWIW:  use degreased 4/0 steel wool to apply oxpho.  Dunno the chemistry involved, but it "bites" more and gives a darker and more even blue.  Also works well when using a "rust blueing technique".

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oscarflytyer posted this 03 October 2017

had great results from oxpho blue paste as well.  For scrubbing rust and blemishes, I recommend Eez-ox and Brownells Stainless Sponge.

PS:  I would NOT use steel wool.  The Brownells sponge is much better imo.  Does not remove the bluing like steel wool will.

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Geargnasher posted this 19 June 2018

The paste can be shipped without the hazmat charge, which is why I think it exists.  Good stuff, just warm the part until it's almost too hot to hold (or a bit hotter) and rub over the spot repeatedly.  I use 6-0 steel wool, cotton ball, or Q-tip depending on part and mood.  Easier than heat-bluing for small parts, less worry about knocking too much temper out of the part, and possibly a bit more durable.  

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loophole posted this 19 June 2018

For screws and other small parts:  Use hemostats or small pliers to hold the part.  Heat with propane torch or over stove burner after part is dipped in 3-in-1 oil, until oil burns off. repeat to deepen color.   Other oils probable will work, but I read this idea in a gunsmithing book years ago--the author said this is the only use a real gunsmith ever has for 3-in-1 oil.

Steve K

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