The things you hear in a podcast.

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JeffinNZ posted this 17 September 2022

I have been listening to the Hornady podcast whilst I am travelling in the bus. One listener was concerned about the bullet poly tips melting. He don’t want plastic in his meat. Never mind the lead. (Eye roll).

Cheers from New Zealand

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Ross Smith posted this 17 September 2022

We better check to see if bullet lube is edible.

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sergeant69 posted this 17 September 2022

few years ago on a "boolit" site a guy was issuing dire warnings to deer hunters that used lead bullets to be sure and trim away the silver streaks found on a wound channel so as not to ingest the lead left there. yes he was a millinial type, and quite a few others thanked him for his sage advice.

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Aaron posted this 17 September 2022

Oh jeez! Now you have started it all here. Standby.....surprised

With rifle in hand, I confidently go forth into the darkness.

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Shuz posted this 17 September 2022

I wonder how the "greenies" would spin the dangers of eating meat killed via powder coated boolits?

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Qc Pistolero posted this 17 September 2022

I wonder how the "greenies" would spin the dangers of eating meat killed via powder coated boolits?
Just tell them the meat will taste the same as the meat they buy plastic wrapped at the grocery store.Who knows,they might just believe it!

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max503 posted this 18 September 2022

No kidding.  They get all bent about a little lead in the environment while all their food and drink comes out of plastic containers with forever chemicals applied.

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Aaron posted this 18 September 2022

This issue of parroting falsehoods is now endemic due to the lack of thinking by the population and the ease of information access on unvetted sources by unvetted "experts".

"A State Police Officer told me that you can shoot sideways more accurately." Clearly all LEOs are gun experts.

"Peanut butter used as gun grease works far better than lithium grease." Well go ahead and fill your action with it son.

"I read on the 'Boolit Board' that cast boolit alloy needs to be hard as heck." Chisel some granite then.

All of this parroting of falsehoods is due in part, I believe, because we no longer teach our youth to THINK for themselves. When I hear this crap on the shooting range I just simply walk away. I really want to grab them by the collar and say "THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST SAID FOR A MOMENT WILL YOU?"

The loss of cognitive reasoning and deductive analysis is staggering. It is amplified by the appearance of "expert" information on forums and such - the new information source - not by gathering reference material from vetted sources. I have to say too that our supply of vetted sources for firearm information is dwindling rapidly as the last of the boomers leave us for the almighty shooting club.

Whilst in school of years past, we suffered US History, English Literature, Chemistry, Algebra, World History, GYM, Shop, Trigonometry, Science, Creative Writing, Biology, French, Geometry, Art, Logic, Geography, Latin, Drivers Education, Ecology, Religion, and a host of other subjects. We were also taught to THINK for ourselves!

In the public school academic theater of today, the students who do actually attend class are taught critical race theory, gun control policy, socialism, sexual identity awareness, and other government ordained subjects to mold their soft little brains. Critical thinking is NOT one of the subjects taught nor is how to conduct proper research in any subject. Instead they are taught how to use "Google" and "Wikipedia" to research subjects. Any information (hit) gleaned by such a method is immediately touted as a viable and vetted source of information.

Now I know I am on a roll here, but the importance of being able to think for oneself was ingrained into me by my parents, my educators, and Coach Williams. Yes - my high school Coach. The ability to think for myself sure has me chuckling a lot now when I read some of the utter nonsense coming across my computer screen, and unfortunately, also from the "news" media on broadcast television form what were once "trusted" sources of information. Remember Chet Huntley?

The newer handloaders and bullet casters of the last decade also exhibit some of this behavior. While we, the older loaders and casters, had to hit the library to glean useful information about our hobby, and read the likes of Pope and Elmer while growing our personal reference library, the loaders of today hit the internet and go to what they perceive as good information sources like "Boolit" and others to ask their absolutely novice questions and seek answers from other novices who can't think for themselves!

I find it amazing we don't see more body parts strung from the rafters at the shooting line from these tyros shooting their assembled products from information gleaned from internet experts.

I avoid getting involved in these discussions anymore because by thinking for myself I can deduce the error of the argument posed. Attempting to point that out makes one appear argumentative because one does not swallow down the party line in its entirety with wide-eyed belief in the "truth" of the conclusion. I guess the earth is flat if you insist. No amount of scientific argument to the contrary will convince someone who has that belief of its ridiculousness. 

So for me and my friends who CAN think for themselves, continue reading these "enlightened" individuals who promote these and other falsehoods as truth. It is absolutely entertaining and at the same time, telling of our future societal state.


With rifle in hand, I confidently go forth into the darkness.

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Jack47 posted this 27 September 2022


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David Reiss posted this 28 September 2022

While I may agree with a lot said in this thread, it has gotten to the point it violates our rules. Being a admin for the forum, it is my job to moderate and make sure the rules are followed. So I am going to lock this thread so no other posts can be made. 

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