the mould with the funny looking sprue plate

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Qc Pistolero posted this 2 weeks ago

I just had bought a Henry Big Boy in .357 mag and felt like I needed a heavier bullet than what I already had(358156).So when I saw an add for a used LBT 180gr .357fn for sale at a good price,I drove the 40 miles to it and my first thought when I saw it was''the sprue plate looks unusual,almost funny''.But the price was right and I had read here and on other sites that LBT is  making very good moulds so I bought it.

Well,let me make that short;the sprue plate might look funny with its shape and stop pin(or whatever you may call it for its unusual shape)but the whole thing works in spades!Looking at it more leisurely with a cold beer(not while casting of course),I came to the conclusion that everything that looks/is different from other moulds is the result of well thought out solution from a guy who has lots of experience at casting bullets.

This is my first but not last LBT mould and now I think all the other's sprue plates look funny.

P.S.:and they shoot great!

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John Alexander posted this 2 weeks ago

I have several LBT molds and agree that  Veral's sprue cutter is an original and logical design. Don't know why other mold makers didn't copy it.  It is the result of an original thinker and works perfectly.

Does anybody know any recent information on LBT or on Veral Smith?


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Ross Smith posted this 2 weeks ago

Same question: Is LBT OK?

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Eutectic posted this 2 weeks ago

I have ordered many molds from LBT, both pistol and rifle. The molds are excellent and Veral stands behind his product.

His designs have been copied by other mold makers; this is a good recommendation.  

The website is current, Veral says a new edition of his book is on the way. The original is a good read about his theories and testing. I will get the new book.,   email


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