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Bud Hyett posted this 15 December 2022

 Situation: In my trading I've acquired two Taurus 92 magazines. My cousin is looking for a pistol and I told him this pistol would be a good buy. I also told him I'd throw in the magazines and half a .30 caliber can of 9mm. 

Question: Are these magazines interchangeable across all full frame Taurus 92 pistols? I think so, but looking for confirmation.  

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 15 December 2022

i understand they can work ok with a little careful dremel work ... have to move the mag release notch a smidgeon ...

please put me on the standby list if first dibses fall through ... they should work in my spiffy 92S ... with some careful dremel work ...

... and yes, the Taurus 92 is a nice gun ... has a normal safety ... i carry seriously my Beretta iti-made 92S with safety off, just the double action trigger keeping me from having a Glock moment ... fortunately, that is about a 8 pound pull, like a revolver.


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Sevenfan posted this 21 December 2022

They should be Bud, but minor mods as Ken indicated may be necessary. I've purchased several over the years for mine, all Mec-Gar, fit & function was same as factory mags in my 80s vintage 92.

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