Targets used for iron sight military rifle competitions?

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brooksharris posted this 07 February 2021

I'd like to begin shooting my 1903 and 1917 in competition.  I've detailed in a Fouling Shot article how I managed to shoot small cast bullet groups using original sights.  Part of that equation was using 100 yd. SB targets turned horizontally.

I have ordered the 2 CBA targets that have an orange perimeter and measure approx. 5 1/2" in diameter but I cannot see them well enough to shoot a serious group.  By comparison the 100 yd. SB bull is nearly 8" in diameter, and of course, solid black.

So what target do vintage military rifles shoot in competitions; and if it is one of the orange targets mentioned above, how in the world do you see them?

Blessings and stay well, Brooks Harris


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Ed Harris posted this 07 February 2021

The orange targets are used for the military-modified "scope" class.  The as-issued with iron sights in the postal matches uses the NRA 100-yard smallbore rifle target IIRC.  For our local matches we use the NRA SR-1 service rifle target:

SR-1 (100 Yard target reduced from the 200 Yard SR Target)

Size 21" x 21"
6 3/8" Black

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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brooksharris posted this 07 February 2021

Thanks Ed.  So would the NRA 100 yd. SB bull be used at the Nationals?

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John Carlson posted this 08 February 2021

For CBA Military Rifle shoulder-to-shoulder competitions (including the nationals) the NRA MR-31 target is used at 100 yards, the MR-52 at 200 yards, and the MR-63 at 300 yards.  The same targets are used for all classes.  For standing offhand at 100 yards the TQ-4 target is used.  Postal competition targets are as Ed already said.

John Carlson

CBA Director of Military Competitions









John Carlson. CBA Director of Military Competition.

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tomon posted this 27 March 2022

 Help!  Back in the day my club shot 100yd Cast Bullet Benchrest using a black target with these dimensions.  A 1 11/16"- X ring, a 3 3/8"- 10 ring, a 5 9/16"- 9 ring, and a 8"- 8 ring/ aiming black.  I am looking to start up some shoots and want to use the target that the older shooters here used to like.  Does anyone know of a commercial target with these dimension, or close to them? I've spent some  time searching, and we use the TQ-4P for our Rimfire shoots already, but they're not quite right for the larger calibers. Thanks in advance!   Tomon

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RicinYakima posted this 27 March 2022

Those are the dimensions of the TQ-4(P) targets. However the SR-1 has a small black area. Targets are cheapest at Dillion Press company. 

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tomon posted this 01 April 2022

Thank you Ric, but no they aren't.  I have the TQ-4P targets.  The differences are X rings are 1 11/16 vs 1", 10 rings are 3 3/8 vs 2", 9 rings 5 9/16 vs 4", 8 rings 8" vs 6", and the TQ-4P has a 8" - 7 ring, while the other has NO 7 ring.  I bit the bullet yesterday and paid $.25 each for 150 copies from Office Depot.  I scheduled the shoot in early May, and will pull it off.  It's quite possible that some shooter in the past cobbled them together for just the Club shoots.  

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skeet1 posted this 04 April 2022

Am I the only one that gets his targets off the internet?  I know that they are probably not the actual official target but they are good enough for practice and are free. https

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RicinYakima posted this 04 April 2022

For my old printer, the ink costs are more than what cheap targets (printed on plain paper, not thick stock) cost.

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tomon posted this 04 April 2022

A shooter gave me an old copy this morning of the target I was searching for, and It has Bushnell on the bottom corner.  Repeated copying had cut off some of the words.  At least I know I'm not crazy(for that reason anyhow)!  For practice I use the TQ-4P targets.  The ones I was looking for are for a local competition where that target was used in the past.  Trying every way I can to draw back Cast Bullet competition into my club.

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