Short review of the Taurus model 85B2FS revolver

  • Last Post 28 February 2017
SierraHunter posted this 21 February 2017

Short article I wrote about the Taurus 85B2FS.

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tturner53 posted this 21 February 2017

 Wow. Well written and interesting. I like your thinking! The Taurus is a good gun. I bought a little .357 for daughter #1. And a Hornady RFID safe. I also read your article on the Ruger SSM. Good job.

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beemer posted this 28 February 2017

I recently picked up a Taurus 605 in stainless, basically the same gun in 357 mag. The trigger pull is usable in SA & DA, the timing is good and shoots very close to POA at about 10 yds. Seems my impression of the gun follows yours closely, it is a good revolver especially in it's price range.

I was put off at first because of the roll pin that holds the grip on. I found a pin for the frame and a old set of wood grips for an 85 fit just fine. I like the rubber grips but was curious if the frame had been changed.

It's not likely that I will shoot many 357's but it doesn't hurt to have options. Good review.



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