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MKastning posted this 16 January 2022

I received notification today that Scott Merchant passed away in sleep last night, and want to let the CBA world know, as many people ask me about him at matches.



He has not been an active CBA member for several years, but everyone that met him at the matches would agree he was certainly active when he was!

What seems like long ago, Scott asked me to cook burgers at a big CBA Military match.  At the time, I was shooting only rimfire benchrest competitions, so I agreed.  At that match, he introduced me to many new friends, and gave me a couple of Fouling Shots to look through when I showed interest in how these old surplus rifles could shoot such great groups and scores with wheel weights and proper handling.  I became nearly instantly hooked, and started asking questions.  When he invited me to his reloading basement, I marveled at the setup and process, dreaming quickly of how I may someday set up a room myself. Sitting in that very room now, many things come to mind.

Scott was initially, willing to make "just enough" bullets for me to load for a match.  Never enough for a lot of practice though.  Sometimes he wasn't able to cast enough to get himself ready for the match.  When I was ready to take the plunge and begin casting, several hours in Scott's basement proved enough to get me started there.      Many thousands of miles, primers, and wind shifts later, the central part of the US holds many shooters that I would say can point to a tip, casting loading, or shooting technique they learned from Scott.  

I wish things had worked out so he could rejoin the match shooting ranks..  Will miss him, and would like to encourage others to add to this if they are so inclined, as I need to stop typing for a bit...




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Tom Acheson posted this 17 January 2022

Like John, I too can recall Scott’s lengthy stories he told about the stats regarding the # of deer he had shot (each season) and how much he liked venison. He had a real passion for his hunting efforts! Can’t remember how many freezers he told me that he had.


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John Alexander posted this 17 January 2022

The thing I remember best about Scott from our long telephone conversations is the large number of deer he harvested each year for family consumption. As I remember it, maybe 4 or 5 per year over many years.  All with cast bullets. He made extensive notes on bullet type, velocity, range, placement, and performance. As I remember, this was all going to be made into an article for the Fouling Shot. Like many of us that have more ideas for projects than time to complete them, He apparently never got to that on his list. RIP.


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Tom Acheson posted this 17 January 2022

Scott re-built my 1903 Springfield, returning it to original military form. When I first got the rifle, it was in “sporterized” form. 

We had quite a few interesting phone conversations about the railroad, I think it was BNSF. When I was working, our company was a supplier to BNSF. I spent quite a bit of time visiting with him at Military matches, including in 2006 and the 2007 (first) Military National Tournament.

Good guy, he will be missed….by many.


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John Carlson posted this 17 January 2022

So sorry to hear of this.  I only knew Scott from the few matches we both attended but felt I knew him better through our many mutual friends. He will be missed and remembered.

John Carlson. CBA Director of Military Competition.

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RicinYakima posted this 16 January 2022

When I signed up to shoot the first CBA Military nationals in 2007 in Iowa, Scott Merchant called me on the phone a month before the match. Introduced himself and answered questions about camping and shooting at “his range”.

When the wife and pug doges and I arrived, he was the first to greet me and showed me around. He was a friendly and great guy over the years I was actively shooting CBA matches. Shared his knowledge with me when we were both shooting the same class of rifles and helped me get the flats fixed on the truck the year it rained sideways through the benches.

RIP, Scott, and my deepest sympathies to his wife and family. You will all be remembered in my prayers.

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