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GWarden posted this 17 February 2017

Has anyone done extensive loading with the 25-06 with cast bullets? Have always been kind of fascinated with this as a cast bullet cal. I know there are probably better one for cast, but that has always been something I was interested in. Not looking for theory, but someone that has done extensive work on working up loads for accuracy. I have located a Ruger #1V in that cal. in great shape at a fair price. I realize I will have to do some work to improve accuracy. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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onondaga posted this 17 February 2017

 My 25-06 custom HiWall is come and gone but I enjoyed it with the RCBS #257 120 gr GC and H4895. Because Hodgdon recommends H4895 for this application the Hodgdon 60% rule is valid and you can load that bullet down as low as 50% density to way beyond cast bullet pressure. H4895 is an excellent powder to work up a cast load and the 120 gr bullet does well with H4895 in 25-06. I had 3 accuracy nodes within the powder's load range and finding a charge that shoots near 1 MOA is not hard with H4895. I seated the bullet to engage the ball seat of the chamber .010” and they were sized to verify slide fit of the front band into the chamber with an ink test. I tried Linotype, Hardball and #2 alloy. I used pressure lube back then but now prefer 45:45:10 tumble lube without hesitation. The bullet fit is way more important than anything else.



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45 2.1 posted this 18 February 2017

Since 1980, I've tested 4 different 25-06 rifles ( 1 Winchester & 3 Rugers ) with 5 Lyman molds and the RCBS 120 gr. All of them liked the Lyman 257312 best sized either 0.258” or 0.259” with a top Lyman manual load of Unique. The Ruger #1V I had was finicky.... if tuned to shoot jacketed well (~3/4 MOA at best), it shot cast at 1 MOA. The others did somewhat better. Be aware that Ruger's barrel specs include oversize groove dimensions at times, My current Ruger Hawkeye is such with a 0.258” groove and shoots jacketed at 2 MOA, but with the 257312 sized to throat it is a match grade shooter. Case fit/alignment in the chamber is quite important.... as much as bullet fit.

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GWarden posted this 18 February 2017

45 2.1 & Gary

Thanks for the info, that is the kind of info that I was looking for and will be of assistance. Take care


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MarkinEllensburg posted this 14 March 2017

Bob, I've been trying to find an acceptable load for my #1V .25-06 for about a year. Purchased in 1992 or so it lived for a long time shooting small groups after small group with jacketed. I've found good groups at 50 yards do not equal good groups at 100. Just recently joined a range with good benches, covered firing line and targets stands past 200 yards. I shot some last spring and then started back at it about a month ago. So far my best group is not even worth mentioning. I've a number of molds.

Hope to find a load soon that gives me under 2 moa. So far not even close. My rifle is better than moa with jacketed loads.

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GP Idaho posted this 14 March 2017

In early testing the NOE 258 120gr. FN is working very well for me in my Rem. 700 25-06.  Gp

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