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4and1 posted this 3 weeks ago

Bob Sears passed away on Friday, at the age of 93. Bob was a dedicated cast bullet shooter for many decades. He was an amazing man, had a wealth of knowledge of guns and the R&D of them, and knew many of the famous people behind them. We spent many hours on the range and I enjoyed every one. We are diminished.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 3 weeks ago sorry to hear that ... we learned a lot from Mr. Sears ...  


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  • Bud Hyett
Bud Hyett posted this 3 weeks ago

Rest in Peace, sorry to hear of his passing. He and I at the Nationals had several detailed discussions of loads and rifles, the 1885 Browning in particular. He was a wealth of knowledge.

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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mashburn posted this 3 weeks ago

Sorry to hear of his passing.


David a. Cogburn

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John Alexander posted this 3 weeks ago

Bob Sears was one of our past CBA presidents serving from 1986 to 1996.  

Bob once told me that if you look carefully at the group photo of the shooters at the famous 1950 Johnstown Benchrest match, the first big "modern" benchrest match which drew most of the famous shooters, gunsmiths, and authors the time, you could see a "round cheeked youngster" by the name of Robert Sears. 




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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 3 weeks ago

I had the opportunity to speak with Bob about 2 years ago by phone. He had called me because he wanted an extra FS sent to him. This is the first and only time we ever spoke. He told me that while he was no longer active with cast bullet shooting he still enjoyed the Fouling Shot. He also told me that he appreciated the work I was doing and the direction of the CBA. When we hung up I felt if if I had just spoken to a celebrity, when in reality I had. He contributed so much to our sport and he will greatly be missed.  

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lotech posted this 3 weeks ago

Bob Sears' AMERICAN RIFLEMAN cast bullet articles were always worth reading. 

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Dale53 posted this 3 weeks ago

This is "weird"! I hadn't picked up the NRA Book, "Cast Bullets" in years. Last night, we had lost our Internet from the wind storms yesterday, and I was looking for something to read. I picked up "Cast Bullets" and read two articles by Bob Sears! The timing was strange, to say the least!

Bob Sears articles were very helpful to me over the years. I will lift a glass to his memory, today!! We ARE diminished!



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beltfed posted this 3 weeks ago

May Bob rest in Peace

I have one of the Sears design 180 gr RN 30 cal molds by NEI.

I need to get back a run of the bullets I did last last year  and "exercise" some 30 cals with it again.


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ray h posted this 3 weeks ago

I just got my computer back. Sad to see that Bob had died. Back in the mid 70's I bought his old Hollywood Universal press. I enjoyed his writings.

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4and1 posted this 3 weeks ago

Robert Nelson Sears, originally from Windsor, MA, passed away November 13, 2020, at the age of 93. He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Linda Wells Sears, their daughter Cheryl Stickley (James Jr.), and his children Joanne Fuller and Nathan Sears. He was predeceased by his daughter Dianne Mahboob (Ijaz). He leaves behind five grandchildren (Larry Fuller Jr., Peter Fuller, Jamal Mahboob, Jasmine Mahboob [Chris Lauber], Anne Stickley) and one great-grandchild (Jack Fuller). 

After completing high school, Bob joined the Merchant Marines near the end of WWII. He spent the majority of his career working in the firearms industry in various capacities, with duties including engineer, designer, consultant, and technical writer. 

Bob was an avid outdoor sportsman. In 1974, he joined the Fairfax Rod and Gun Club, serving as Director from 1994-1999, and was bestowed an Honorary Membership in 2009. He continued to participate in deer season into his 90s, with his last victorious hunt being in 2016. During his 80s, he spent several years reliving his military days by volunteering on the WWII Liberty ship and Museum S.S. John W. Brown, docked in Baltimore, MD. Bob was also a tremendous gardener who shared his harvests with anyone willing to take home a few tomatoes or a bagful of Swiss chard. As the family historian, he used his final weeks to pass along a wealth of genealogical information through photos, documentation, and stories - a task that brought him great joy. His descendants are hoping to have inherited his exceptional memory, which remained undiminished till the end.  

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the in-person visitation and service the morning of Friday, December 4th will be limited to family. Those wishing to take part in remembering Bob may join the service via Zoom. Please contact his wife, Linda, for streaming details. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the S.S. John W. Brown at

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