Pedersoli 30-30 Rolling block

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barnabus posted this 09 March 2021

anyone here own a Pedersoli rolling block in 30-30? Also was the rolling block ever offered in this caliber.Give me your thoughts and experience plz before i buy one.

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JeffinNZ posted this 10 March 2021

No, but now you have mentioned it I want one.

Cheers from New Zealand

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Bill2728 posted this 10 March 2021

Rolling 30-30

and 38-55   As big of a fan of the 30-30, on this one, I'd choose the 38-55. Just personal opinion.

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RicinYakima posted this 10 March 2021

Uberti made hundreds that sold in US in 1970's.

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WINCHESTER 71 posted this 30 March 2021

soft metal in important parts like the hammer................hammer face started cupping due to firing pin harder then then face of hammer and trigger parts soft enough to have wear issues...........................

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barnabus posted this 01 April 2021

are u saying this happened to a pedersoli High Wall in 30-30 or another maker? Do u still own this rifle?

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Fitzpatrick posted this 01 April 2021

I have a pedersoli in 45-70 the 1878 Lyman centennial model has a tight chamber but shoots as good as any i have seen ,I would't hesitate to purchase another pedersoli, now the Uberti  name I don't care much for might have just had a couple of lemons but two for two there won't be a three 

just my two cents


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WINCHESTER 71 posted this 02 April 2021

the posting is about the rolling block pedersoli............not high wall and it went down the road forever!!!!!!!!

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86Indy posted this 27 August 2021

If you do a search for Uberti rolling block 45-70 and look for a rather large young man in a green knit shirt, he's about to fire a 45-70 version by Uberti of the remington rolling block number 2 which in its usual config shoots a .22 cal.

These diminutive rifles made from odern steel were also made in 30-30 and a few other large calibers including .357 mag.

So if the number 2 copy can handle a 30-30, the larger framed "baby" model ought to do just fine.



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JohnForrest posted this 28 August 2021

No, but now you have mentioned it I want one.
This site is hard on my budget

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86Indy posted this 28 August 2021


One of the Pedersoli Distributors called Flintlocks owned by Beauchamp family has a web site with a 995 special on a rolling block in 44-40 . I believe it is the Baby model 1 Remington copy.

The Uberti copy of Rem model 2 you might found at auction. Taylors Inc, sold them at one time. They told me that Uberti produces rolling block models only every few years and it seems like its been a few. The .22 is more commonly found and can convert to Center Fire using replacement parts and a barrel which you might want to check with Taylors about ordering. I have a .357 and a .22 plus a few Antique Remington model 2s which in their day were available up to 44-40 BP. Uberti's version is exact action size which surprised me.  Watch the u-tube vid of the guy shooting  a uberti model 2 in 45-70. It puts a whammy on his shoulder.



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