Greek Military Rifles as made by Steyr

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nmlra Guy posted this 20 February 2018

I am interested in Greek Military Rifles as made by Steyr.  These are in the classic 6.5 x 54 caliber.  I have two of them with strong and VERY dark rifling.  I am interested in getting them up and running but despair of getting these dark bores to shoot well.

Of special interest would be any information on getting a replacement military barrel in excellent or better condition.

An alternative is anyone who has gotten some of these with very dark bores to shoot well.  What cast bullet is best etc.

I have two sporting Mannlicher Schoenauer rifles by Steyr.  One is in 6.5 x 54 and the other is 8 x 56, but want to get the military rifles shooting to their potential.


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RicinYakima posted this 20 February 2018

First a little story, I bought a 7 MM Rolling Block as Mexican surplus, with a dark bore. I found a couple of hundred DWM corrosive cartridges cheap because about 10% would not fire, squib or hang fire. I'd shoot maybe five each trip out, and clean with boiling water, same as black powder. Lots of scrubbing with a copper bore brush. Lots of black chunks coming out. By the end of summer I had a very nice bored 7 MM RB. It had been shot for years without having the storage grease cleaned out.

Don't assume just because it is dark, it is rust pits. There are hundreds of difference kinds of "snake oil" sold for bore cleaner, just take your choice. Clean often and well.

I still have two national records with a trapdoor Springfield that has a dark bore of fine pitting for several inches in front of the chamber. With a good crown, you will not know until you shoot it several hundred times.

Best of luck, Ric

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