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Norskie posted this 18 November 2021

Looking for some ideas on molds for .348 win. Finding one seems to have the same success rate of hens teeth!

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Norskie posted this 25 November 2021

I think accurate molds will be the choice. Thanks

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admiral posted this 21 November 2021

Accurate Molds has plenty of designs including replicas of the old Lyman designs. I use their 35-220B

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 20 November 2021

you might measure ( slug ) the throat in your 348 ... 

likely it is 0.350-0.352 ...

wouldn't be too radical to size down a 38 lead bullet ... might even find a 0.355 as cast .

sounds as tho you have a fun rig there.


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MarkinEllensburg posted this 20 November 2021

Another welcome from Central Washington!

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Norskie posted this 19 November 2021

I checked with rcbs and lyman. Both are discontinued, I'll check the other places. Thanks!

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Little Debbie posted this 19 November 2021

You might also check the RCBS website for their version. They’ve had a lot of things in stock lately. I have one and it makes my M71 cheap and pleasant to shoot. Though I’d love to have a .348 mold without a gas check shank. Old from the Palouse in Eastern WA

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RicinYakima posted this 18 November 2021

Welcome, from Yakima.

Both NOE and Accurate make moulds for 348 Winchester, and Buffalo arms carries them in Sand Point, ID.

Ric in Yakima

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