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Sevenfan posted this 26 August 2021

Thought it was time I make the obligatory newbie post before I start asking questions. New to casting, not new to shooting. Have been handloading since mid-80s only started casting within past 8mos or so.

Joined CBA thanks to a couple guys locally and look forward to being taken to school by local experts who've been shooting CBA matches in Spokane. wink

Happy to be here.

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Sevenfan posted this 27 August 2021

Thanks for the welcome!

Shopdog you got 2 out of 3, 280Rem is the other. ;-)

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Bud Hyett posted this 28 August 2021

Welcome aboard, we're all glad that you have joined us.

There are also matches on the Western side of the Cascades. Hopefully next year will be fewer jaw surgeries, Alice and I will be able to sneak over to Spokane for a match or two. 

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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RicinYakima posted this 26 August 2021

Welcome from Yakima. Enjoy your time here with us. Let us know your trials and triumphs as you go down this rabbit hole. 

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Shopdog posted this 26 August 2021


7-08,7X57,or 7mag?

In anycase,welcome. Ask questions,very friendly bunch here.

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John Alexander posted this 26 August 2021

Welcome.  Glad to hear that you joined the CBA,  We will do our best to make it worthwhile.


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JeffinNZ posted this 26 August 2021

Hello and welcome.

Cheers from New Zealand

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 26 August 2021

Welcome, let me know if I can help you in any way.

David Reiss - NRA Life Member & PSC Range Member Retired Police Firearms Instructor/Armorer
-Services: Wars Fought, Uprisings Quelled, Bars Emptied, Revolutions Started, Tigers Tamed, Assassinations Plotted, Women Seduced, Governments Run, Gun Appraisals, Lost Treasure Found.
- Also deal in: Land, Banjos, Nails, Firearms, Manure, Fly Swatters, Used Cars, Whisky, Racing Forms, Rare Antiquities, Lead, Used Keyboard Keys, Good Dogs, Pith Helmets & Zulu Headdresses. .

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Boschloper posted this 27 August 2021

Welcome from the east coast (New Hampshire)

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Little Debbie posted this 27 August 2021

Hope to see you this Saturday at the match in Spokane at the Spokane Rifle Club. Great group of knowledgeable and friendly shooters. Lunch is included and there are usually some sinkers (donuts) available too.

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Sevenfan posted this 27 August 2021

I will be there (was at last month's too).

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Shuz posted this 27 August 2021

Hey 7 fan, I recently bought a Saeco 073 7mm 175g mould you will see me bring tomorrow!

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Brodie posted this 28 August 2021

Welcome aboard, we're glad that you have chosen to join us.  There is always room around here for another cast bullet looney.


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MarkinEllensburg posted this 28 August 2021

Welcome! Hope to see you tomorrow at SRC. It would be great to put faces with forum user names.

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blackout52 posted this 28 August 2021

Welcome aboard, there is a vast amount of knowledge here !!! This is the place to ask you casting and shooting questions!

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sojerguy posted this 04 September 2021

Welcome from (temporarily) the Lakewood, area.

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JohnForrest posted this 05 September 2021

Hey, now I'm not the newest guy anymore, the teasing was killing me. Welcome 7 

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