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max503 posted this 23 February 2020

Does anyone know of a good gunsmithing forum?  Every now and then I need help with a project or two.  (Right now my Handi Rifle is on pieces on my bench).  

I'm thinking of joining this one.  They want $10 to join.  I'm not meaning to be cheap but if there are any other good ones out there then I would look into them.



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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 23 February 2020

here is one i like.  some old school gunsmiths on this, but of course any question you ask still gets 2 right and 8 wrong answers.   better than gunsmith groups on facebook, though, where you get 19 wrong answers to every right one.

this is the old yahoo groups > gunsmith


there was a good group " gun assembly " or something on    mewe    but i can't get it to sign me in this morning ... maybe kerput ?   dedicated to finding disassembly drawings for guns.  they got run out of facebook for using the word " guns " or something in one of the purging sweeps .


then there is the " purist " group, gunsmith forum ... but they are hardcore benchrest smiths ... i look often but never ask questions, they are all geniuses there, usually with nasty attitudes.  ok, there also, live some of the top accuracy smiths around today.  heck, some of them even agree with ME  ! ...

one you might try is the " campfire " group, it is kinda like " boolets " in casting talk.

oh, i almost forgot     really good stuff.  he also had some great posts here that are worth reading.

hope this helps.   and don't forget google and you-tube... sometimes they cover what you need.



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max503 posted this 23 February 2020

I'm looking for drawings.  In particular I need a clear drawing of an H&R Model 058 Handi Rifle. There's a spring that has to sit in a groove.  There are three grooves to choose from.  If you get it wrong you have to tear the whole thing apart.  I'm trying to save some trouble.

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