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joeb33050 posted this 21 August 2018

Does PBB/breech seating insure constant oal; base to tip; AND do bullets in fixed get pushed in varying amounts?

Is that why PBB does so well?

I made step-necked cases for several guns that required no neck sizing, 300 WM from 300 H&H, 308 from 30/06, etc..



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John Alexander posted this 21 August 2018

I try to avoid bullets being pushed back in varying amounts because I check with extracted dummy rounds of the same case, bullet, and OAL involved.  If decreasing ID of neck won't do it change something has to change. It's an easy and repeatable test to run.

I have often been tempted to make such cases and then I think about  how my OAL grows by erosion and I would have to redo. Being lazy I have never actually made them. They would allowed higher force in chambersing.


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Ed Harris posted this 21 August 2018

I size rifle cases with a pin holder only on the decapping rod and then separately expand cases with an RCBS cast bullet expander which is 0.002" less than bullet diameter.  I try not to expand the entire neck, but leave an unexpanded section above the neck-shoulder junction to support the bullet base.  Outside neck turning and then fire-forming achieves much the same result.

Here are chambered and extracted .30-'06 rounds which neither debullet nor telescope, although the foreparts of the bullets are forcefully pressed into the origin of rifling.  They shoot well this way:


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