Minie ball sizing die

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delmarskid posted this 03 May 2021

I got one from S&S firearms and does it work slick! 45 bucks without shipping and it came with a nose punch. You can specify the diameter that you like. I went with .577". Bullets don't wiggle at the muzzle and almost slide down with the weight of the rod.  

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Eddie Southgate posted this 03 May 2021

My Zoli shoots better un-sized . I usually run them through the sizer just to straighten any out of round skirts and adds a tad of Ideal black to the grooves . The Lyman die I use sizes to the same diameter as the as cast size of the minie's from my Lyman 575213 OS mold . Been working like a champ for 60 years or so , was my pap's before it was mine .

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