M1 Carbine ll

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John Alexander posted this 20 February 2021

My carbine is reasonably accurate and I would like to try it in the carbine postal match.

The bedding system seems to be pretty casual.  Is there a better way to bed the M1 Carbine.



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Wineman posted this 20 February 2021

The little M1 Carbine has really hit above its weight class all of its life. A pistol replacement, it tried to be a battle rifle, an assault rifle, a sub machine gun, a grenade launcher, a night fighting tool, a close in combat weapon with a bayonet, and deer hunting rifle. None of which it ever did really well but that did not stop it from doing all of the above. The thing is does best is make shooting fun. Light, accurate enough, no recoil, lots of ammo capacity, and at one time really inexpensive it just makes you smile when you dump a magazine at a bunch of cans or plates. Not many 80 year old plus military weapons are still in production today (M1911's and the decedents of revolvers and bolt action rifles?).

I followed the CMP advice and have a tight recoil plate. It is sort of a "C" shape. If when you put the action back in and settle it if the barrel touches the front of the stock, you need to close up the "C". Prior to putting on the band, when the action is settled well there should be 1/8" +/- of space between the barrel and the stock. Putting on the band pulls the barrel down. A bayonet type band (III) and the M2 (pot belly stock) which is fatter and stiffer also may help. A handguard that is just shy of being loose is also part of their recommendations.

Triggers are another matter. Old style hammer springs or tired ones are supposed to lighten the pull somewhat. I have never messed with mine. Left it cocked for several years and no perceptible difference.

Like I said in Carbine I, mine shoots low and a file could help. I may try to tweak the loads a tad to see if I can get a 100 yard zero with one of the sight settings before I start moving metal.

A Postal wold be great. Thanks for the interest.






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John Alexander posted this 22 February 2021

The CBA postal match for carbines is one of the regular matches.  It is open to other military carbines as well as the M1.


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Wineman posted this 23 February 2021

Got it.

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Mudhen463 posted this 26 February 2021

Having shot matches at 100 yards & 200 yards (200 yards is really pushing it especially if there is a breeze). I did well at 100 yards & it was fun. Give it a try, 

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M1fuzz posted this 27 February 2021

I thought the carbine matches for the CBA were fired at 50 and 100 yards?

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