M! Carbine ... a fun cast blaster .. Midway had some.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 2 weeks ago

while drooling through the Midwayusa.com pages of goodies, i see they will shortly make available some more M1 Carbines ...  shooter grade apparently ... 

every real American should have one of these ...  even I gotted one awhile back and have several gallons of cast bullets through it ... still makes me grin ...  80 years old and still rattles them off ... just like me !! ...

i suppose they might need more than the $22.50 i paid for mine through the cmp .. but heck, any real goods will be doubling $$ next fall anyway ... 

if interested, better get in line immediately ...  if sanely priced, these will go in minutes, not weeks ... 


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RicinYakima posted this 2 weeks ago

I sold an entire collection of them less than half of that price three years ago through gunbroker. That seems to be a lot of money for a big 10/22 you can't do much with. It's not like .30 carbine ammo is cheap anymore at $1 a round. 

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GP Idaho posted this 2 weeks ago

I asked to be notified when the Midway 30 Carbines became available,  As the cheapest one I saw was $1,200 I think I'll shoot my Universal M1 if I get the urge to shoot a squirtgun.  Might be a good time to put it up for sale.  Gp

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sghart3578 posted this 2 weeks ago

I was mildly interested until Midway stated that they wouldn't ship to California.  After all of the business that folks in this state have given them.

Shipping to California is easy.  I buy from guys on Gunbroker a lot with no problems.  This California boy will buy from some one else from now on.

Steve in N CA

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Alstep posted this 2 weeks ago

I just can't believe the prices they're asking.   A box of ammo today is more than I paid for mine back in the '60's from the DCM!

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mashburn posted this 2 weeks ago


To ship a handgun, to California, is a nightmare. I quit shipping handguns to California years ago. I shipped a lot of firearms, both hand guns and rifles to California, but the last time I tried to ship a single shot target pistol, to California, I gave up and sent his money back, plus a little payment for his trouble of buying .I shipped a few rifles after that but haven't in a while, so I don't know, what shipping a long gun is like at the present time.


David a. Cogburn

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 6 days ago

Midway had some!!!!!! There all gone now. WOW, big inventory sold out in just a couple days. 

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