Lyman 450 to bump 22 lr

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delmarskid posted this 30 September 2019

Hi been too long. I've been lurking but have decided to come out into the light . I retired at the end of May. I have spent my time burning up 22's from the bench. So as we know it is a good way to waste time and build patience. I wanted to try one of the rimfire bullet bumping dies. I remembered that I have a .225" h-die for the 450. I put a flat on the inside nose punch in that fit the rim of the round and adjusted the die depth to flatten the nose, bump the bore riding portion to .224", and I get .225" at the point of crimp. It's an experiment. They do feed into the 10/22 but the flat nose hangs in Kimber. I have not tried them for accuracy but I am optimistic. They should fit the chamber better on Sporter Chambers. I'm just trying to get okay ammo to be good enough ammo.

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M3 Mitch posted this 30 September 2019

I would be wearing some serious eye and face protection while doing this.  I know you have to hit the primer pretty hard to get it to "go" - but squeezing on a live round strikes me as risky.

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Glenn R. Latham posted this 30 September 2019

delmarskid, I tried this a few months ago, as we started shooting 22 benchrest indoors at my club, 25 meters with a .105" 10-ring.  I found bumping helped regular high velocity ammo, but made no difference with standard velocity ammo like CCI Standard.  It was a fun experiment.


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