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2frogs posted this 17 April 2023

I have a NOE mold that makes a 74 gr plain base and gas check one. I am not finding any load data for it. I'm using a 14 bhn alloy. So I'm looking for suggestions on loads .. It's a 243 cal. I was thinking I might be able to use 84 gr data,just reduce it some. I have a bunch of Winchester wst on hand as well. Thanks for any advice..

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Bill*B posted this 14 May 2023

Sauer 101 Scandic carbine, caliber .243 Winchester.  Bullet: SAECO 80 grain GC, linotype, sized 0.244". My best loads:

#2400 - 12.3 grains, measured, 1656 fps

Steel - 9.5 grains (by weight), 1692 fps

Both grouped (20X scope, sandbagged fore and aft) an average of 1.34" at 100 yds, standard deviation 0.38". 5 shot groups.

Sadly, I sold the rifle, but it was one of the most accurate that I have ever owned.  Good luck!  Good shooting.


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2frogs posted this 24 April 2023

Appreciate your help on that. I have a few loaded to test. Maybe today if the rain holds off..

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bullshop posted this 22 April 2023

Not a powder suggestion but a velocity suggestion from experience  With the plain base and your BHN-14 alloy keep velocity under 1500 fps with a best target velocity of 1300 fps.  With your gas checked version and your BHN-14 alloy keep velocity under 2000 fps with a best target velocity of 1700 fps.  The best target velocity is the velocity at which you should easily find good accuracy. .  If you are not getting good accuracy at the target velocity reduce rather than increase velocity.

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Waleone posted this 18 April 2023

Assuming you have the NOE 243-74-FN-C5;

  • Go to the NOE website
  • Click on Bullet Dimensions
  • Click on 243 bullet size
  • Click on 245-74-FN-C5
  • There is a chart with data for 243 Win.

It's limited data, but it's something to start with.

For data on a variety of bullet weights;

  • Go to NOE website
  • Click on Loading Data
  • Click on Load Data by Cartridge
  • Type 243 in empty box below 'Filters Active', 243 Win. will come up in the box
  • Click on the # to the right of 243 Win.
  • Feast your eyes on data for a variety of NOE bullet weights

Edit: Please read and heed the disclaimers and warnings on the NOE website.


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Rich/WIS posted this 18 April 2023

Had a damaged Lyman 243 mold I salvaged by milling it down and making it a plain base and about that weight range.  Only shot it subsonic with 4-5 grs Bullseye in a Rem 788.  Accuracy was excellent and no leading but never went past 50 yards with it. I sold the mold and rifle years ago and when I moved here five years ago cleaned out a lot of stuff so don't have my notes on what mold it was.  

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Tom Acheson posted this 17 April 2023

I use an NOE .22 bullet that weighs 80-82 grains. Sadly out of print but 4756 works good. I did recently find that WST can work. CBA Pres John Alexander has success with Tite Group.


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Bud Hyett posted this 17 April 2023

You start low and work up anyway. You'll be okay using the heavier bullet data. 

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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