Load data for 300 gr.FP Hard Cast in .458 Socom. Need Help

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rjb1911 posted this 03 March 2018

Does anyone have load data for .458 Socom using 45/70 (.496) Hunter's Supply hard cast bullets.  I would like to use IMR 4198 powder.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance, Randy

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358156hp posted this 04 March 2018

Randy, I suspect you'll end up in the 40 gr range for that bullet, which is a standard Magma Engineering design. The best place to research this information is probably http://458socomforums.com/

They do have a reloading board, and you should be able to find something out there. I doubt you'll find that exact bullet design being used because it's a bit on the light side for mainstream cast bullets in the SOCOM. I'm currently building an upper myself, but haven't starting loading for it yet.

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rjb1911 posted this 04 March 2018

Thanks again.  I will  check it out

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