The quality control on Lee dies is not as good as Lyman or Saeco lube-sizer dies. However the deficiencies are easy to correct.

As in previous posts the sizing diameter is easy to increase. Since there is no lube pressure, the leakage problem which occurs on modifying lube-sizer dies does not exist.

The lead in angle on Lee dies is cut on a fast screw lathe, it appears only the small, final size portion about 0.125 wide is the correct diameter and smooth. This is probably cut with a precision reamer. The lead angle is often very rough, causing increased sizing force and sometimes distorting gas checks. Polishing with 500 grit valve grinding compound or 500 grit wet or dry paper quickly cures this. 

Carefully measure the distance to the sizing ring and only polish the lead in. You can do a brief final polish with crocus cloth, but I have found the finish with 500 grit paper is all that is needed. Lubricate the die before you use it.