Lead Remover Cloth--What Is It?

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Hoppy posted this 10 April 2018

I've been experimenting with various cleaners that claim to remove lead fouling, and I renewed my acquaintance with the yellow suede-like cloths sold by Midway, Pro-Shot and others. In my experience and experiments, these things really do remove lead fouling. They'll take bluing and case hardening colors off too, so ya gotta be careful. But does anybody know what these cloths are impregnated with? It feels sorta waxy, and it's got a slight chemical smell, but nothing I can identify.

What are the lead removing cloths impregnated with???

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 10 April 2018

... don't know the secret ingredients but yes they work very well ... maybe they have some grit that gives them a grip on the lead .... and some lubricant that helps them not get stuck in the barrel .... ?? .....

i had a good-shootin buddy that pre-cut his into patches and then carried them in a bottle of Shooter's Choice Lead Remover ..... belt and suspenders ....

ken * 18 * ...


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OU812 posted this 10 April 2018

MDS says: Aluminum Silicate, Light Mineral Oil, Lemon Oil with Yellow Dye, Wax, Ammonium Hydroxide.

I am sure the Ammonia does most of the work.


The cloth does a very good job of removing lead from front of my stainless revolver cylinder.

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Pentz posted this 10 April 2018

I'd be careful about using it on a bore. Imho ER or MMO is safer.

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John Alexander posted this 11 April 2018

I respect your ho but why? Have you heard of it causing damage? Many of us have used it for years without detecting a problem. What have I missed. Is MMO Marvel Mystery Oil and does it remove lead. I use Ed's Red regularly but never had much luck removing leading with it.


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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 11 April 2018

I have used lead wipe cloths on revolvers, cylinder faces & bores for about 35+ years, with no ill effects that I can see. So I too ask, what to be careful of? Once I remove any lead, I proceed with preventive measures. 

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Pentz posted this 11 April 2018

Guess I'm too cautious, but I would not use it in my CPA Shilen lapped and guaged barrel....my mod scoped military barrel, differnt story.

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BigMan54 posted this 12 April 2018

I've used it on every STS gun I've ever owned. Never seen any sign of damage on any STS gun or BLUED cylinder face I've ever used it on. Cut into patches for chambers & bores.

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