Ken Campbell, wonder gunsmith

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joeb33050 posted this 05 February 2017

Ken has chambered barrels and made nose sizing dies for me; and just recently fixed the trigger on my Ruger Charger. All his work is wonderful, and the Charger trigger has sent me to heaven.

Thanks, Ken;

joe b.

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GP Idaho posted this 05 February 2017

Joe: I'm another member that's grateful for the help Ken's been to me. From selling me brass that I needed and a mould,,  all at bargain prices to accurate and helpful advice. Thank you Ken.

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OU812 posted this 06 February 2017

Ken is a good man...he has helped me lots.


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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 07 February 2017

aw shucks guys ...

actually it has been a pleasure to interact with the cba guys for about 35 years now ... it tickles me to make even a minute contribution to solving the mysterious and cantankerous cast lead bullet challenge.

i just know we are getting closer .


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