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Eutectic posted this 14 December 2022

You want to hunt using cast bullets. You want a bit more punch and maybe a different bullet from your match load.  I have found one of the problems with heavy cast loads is the first shot is often out of the group. 

How do you deal with this?  

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 20 December 2022

this first shot gremlin is real ... i had a load in my decently accurate 222 that would throw the first " cold " shot 2 or 3 feet out at 100 yards ...  intimidatingly mysteriously amazing ! ...  

cast bullets have won ! ... THERE IS NO HOPE TO EVER UNDERSTAND THEM.


cast bullets even have their own song ::

"  I did it my way " ...



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TRKakaCatWhisperer posted this 19 December 2022

Over the years I've seen a fellow at the local range sighting in his hunting rifle.  100 yards.  Shot maybe 15 rounds.  He WAITED 20 minutes between shots for the rifle to cool.

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Eutectic posted this 19 December 2022

Interesting Shopdog ! 

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Shopdog posted this 19 December 2022

Dang,can't edit...can't post pics!

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Shopdog posted this 19 December 2022

Check your bedding.....wait for it....

Material. Somewhere in the annals of BR time? There was this notion handed down that bedding properties should be...

Ease of use What color it is Water absorption Hardness Touch up abilities

I don't want to write a book,just sayin the archery industry uses Smooth-On EA40..... to wit,we used to buy the dang stuff by the gallons. Only make a cpl trad bows a year now so buy it in the smallest size available. And yes,it's available.... find anyone selling bow building supplies,they'll have it. The main problem with "typical" bedding materials is they're too hard(and a host of other issues) and they aren't "grippy" enough.

On a proper stock,that is,NOT a tupperware doodoo stock which,is designed to have flex in it's mid section (flex anywhere else in these pos can be outright eliminated,to it's distinct betterment)..... then a harder,"crispier" epoxy resin can be at least,arguable. Just wanted to clear that up....and somewhat off the table.

Wood,and decent composites can directly benefit from using a more "forgiving" epoxy. I would never suggest this to the JB crowd as they know it all(jk)..... actually at higher impulse loadings,they "get away with" more rock hard bedding materials. Nope,it's the lower shock loading normally associated with cast that you'll see a marked increase in REPEATABILITY using exactly the same epoxy we do in bow limbs. If it wasn't for shipping,I'd give anyone wanting to try EA40 enough for a cpl jobs. Heck,ask around at a pro shop if someone in your area is building bow limbs. Or just order the dang stuff? It's only been available since the 1960's or so.

In effect,it's how your rig is reacting under the stress of recoil. Think; your front rest made with a rock vs a sandbag. That's it in a nutshell. Yes,the rock has more potential for impact load in the first order,but that isn't the problem... it's the rebound phase that's causing problems.

Good luck with your shooting.

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Aaron posted this 14 December 2022

You put that 10" paper plate out at whatever range you are comfortable with and you take your shot. You can deduce the rest.

With rifle in hand, I confidently go forth into the darkness.

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Shopdog posted this 14 December 2022

Fred Bear was quoted saying,from a hunting perspective;

It's better to shoot ONE arrow a day,everyday.... than say 1-200 arrows on game day. I'll say that proves out in not only learning what your rig's cold bore shot is capable of but is a deciding factor on that rigs bedding.

So,to start my answer or position; having your bedding fleshed out so that hot,cold,clear or raining cats N dogs that bed job is behaving. Another bedding "target" is the ability to pop the action out..... reinstall and be within a single click or so. Further,I use old fashioned Weaver tip off's... same thing,can pop the scope off,reinstall and be within a click.

Not disparaging but,"fouler" shots bug the snot out of me. But my focus IS on hunting,not target shooting. Won't get into all the details but,I end up cleaning frequently.... my rigs live in the field and really get a workout because of conditions. And,test a LOT! Consequently cleaning is just part of that. Knowing (vs guessing) what that rig is capable of,coming off a deep clean is right up there with bedding and scope mounts.

Next is simply,run less lube on HV loads. The higher the pressure,the more atomization is taking place... so less lube is being deposited,more.

Extra credit(haha); Learn how your HV loads do after periods of storage. Deep subject that is tough to put into words. It's a combination of several factors,with any one of them skewing your observations. Good luck with your project.

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Ross Smith posted this 14 December 2022

When hunting, the old saw is: You have to know where your gun shoots out of a cold clean barrel. Yes I agree with you 100%

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