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Oquawka posted this 01 June 2017

I picked up some Hp-38 at a gun show a while back and finally had a chance to load 20 rounds and try it out in my Python an S &W md 27. I loaded 3.4 grs of powder with 148 gr double ended wadcutter in a 38 Special case. At 50 feet offhand I could keep9 out of 10 shots in a 4 inch bull with the Python. With the 27 8 out of 10 shots in the black. But those 8 shots were wow! I'll have to load some and try it from the bench.

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David Reiss posted this 01 June 2017

I have always liked HP-38. I think it is an under utilized powder. While Unique, Bullseye, WW-231 are more popular, HP-38 is just as good. In fact HP-38 & WW-231 are the same powder, coming from the same factory. I don't know if it still holds true, but HP-38 used to be a little cheaper that WW-231. You should find with more testing that there will be little deviation in FPS from round to round. Also over the years I have found no changes from lot to lot.

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Oquawka posted this 02 June 2017

I went out yesterday and tried 50 yards benchrest. To say I hit the paper would be generous, with either gun. From the look of what did hit I need to add more powder. Hope we have a cold snap before I go out again, the skeeters and gnats are fierce. Have to wear a heavy sweatshirt and a headnet, I look like a psycho school lunch lady.

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45 2.1 posted this 02 June 2017

 In fact HP-38 & WW-231 are the same powder, coming from the same factory.


A little story.............. a friend got an 8 lb keg of HP-38 a couple of years ago... also heard the two powders were the same. He couldn't find as good of results as he got with other powders. He gave me a sample to compare with my old lot (15 years old) WW231......THEY DO NOT LOOK A LIKE!!!!! Also, I hear from others that the old 231 and new lot 231 do not behave the same in terms of accuracy with the same powder charge. I have none of the new lot to compare with.

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